Catch-22, Part 2: DHCP

  • Eric Pretorious

    Eric Pretorious - 2004-10-18

    Hello, All:

    When I insert the wireless-card into the PCMCIA slot, pcmcia-cs automatically hands-over control to the network-client daemon (i.e., /etc/init.d/network) which, in turn, automatically associates with the strongest AP and attempts a DHCP lease. (This is *generally* a good thing.) However, there are times when I want to associate with a *different* AP and join *that* AP's network but the network-client daemon won't allow me to re-issue the DHCP-client request.

    How can I manually associate with a different AP and re-issue a DHCP request once I've associated with an AP and obtained a DHCP lease?

    Eric P.,
    Sunnyvale, CA

    • David Hinds

      David Hinds - 2004-11-09

      I think this is just a network setup issue.  The driver doesn't make any decisions about what AP to select or what to do about DHCP; it just does what it is told to do, and these things are functions of your network startup script, which is a feature of your distribution, not the PCMCIA package.

      -- Dave


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