Dave Williams - 2005-01-04

Hi folks,

Hope someone here can help me.

Just installed a NetGear WG511T on my Inspiron 8200 running Slackware 10. I am sort of up and running using the madwifi drivers.

I say sort of because it doesn't connect to the AP automatically at boot. In hunting around I found that the card does not appear in /var/lib/pcmcia/stab. Both sockets claim to be Empty. This in spite of the fact that cardmgr does succesfully modprobe the madwifi drivers.

Since it doesn't appear in the stab file it appears the default pcmcia setup scripts never call

/etc/pcmcia/network start ath0

as they should.

I can bring the card up successfully if I manually run that command (although I had to comment out the get_info call which appears also to fail due to the empty stab file).

Any ideas as to why it doesn't show up in stab?

I know I can create a script of my own to run at bootup to do it all, but I was hoping to have it work through the existing scripts.

Thanks in advance,