Fletch - 2005-01-04

Pulled apart my cisco pci 340 card as I wanted to use
it in my laptop. Seemed to be a standard pcmcia 340
card. Works sweet as in windows. But under linux all
I get is a few flashing lights on insert, and then

cardctl just tells me theres no card inserted and the
/var/log/messages just gives me a "pcmcia: socket time
out after reset".

So I did a bit of searching around and found that its
to do with the pcmcia vs isa/pci flag being hardwired
into the bootblock. Which I guess means that cardctl
thinks its a isa/pci card, not a pcmcia card and
refuses to do anything.

Can this behaviour be changed? Or is there a work
around for it?

I am runnning fedora core 3, and the link I was talking
about previous is

Thanks in advance for any help on this.