acardh - 2007-08-13

I recently bought a PCMCIA wireles card model WM729-AEX, in the box is said it is supported under Linux but the CD has in it only the driver for MS-Windows.
I am using the kernel 2.4.35 which is the newest of the 2.4 series. Before updating the kernel I got just a low beep when inserting the card meaning that it was no recognized, now I get no beeps at all. The other PCMCIA modem card is plenty identified and when inserted I get two high beeps.
With cardctl and cardmgr I get the following:
[root@localhost acardh]# /sbin/cardctl ident
Socket 0:
  no product info available
Socket 1:
  product info: "U.S. Robotics", "XJ/CC5560", "Megahertz 56kbps Modem"
  manfid: 0x0102, 0x0034
  function: 2 (serial)
root@localhost acardh]# /sbin/cardmgr
cardmgr[1311]: open_sock(socket 0) failed: Device or resource busy
cardmgr[1311]: another cardmgr is already running?

More information about this card is in the next link
In the webpage of the company there are some Linux drivers but not for my card
Also I called by phone and their line is not working neither the email address.