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linux PCMCIA wifi card

  • Ted

    Ted - 2004-10-22


    I just got a WiFI PCMCIA Card and I cannot get it to work under Linux ( mandrake 10 ). It is the "NetVision AM1771 MBW Alchemy".

    I have looked all over for a solution. I tried ndiswrapper... but I cannot get anything to work. I also tried "Am1771.tar.bz2" as suggested by someone, but this didn't work either.

    Has anybody else had experience with this card or know if drivers exist for it?

    Any help would be much aprechiated.


    • Tijn Porcelijn

      Tijn Porcelijn - 2005-03-20

      Your card uses AMD's Am 1771 chip.
      Other cards that use this chip are:
      - ZCOM 11Mbps Wireless Adapter
      - SMC 2602W 11Mbps  Wireless Adapter
      - ETech WLPC05 Wireless Adapter

      Good luck!

    • Tijn Porcelijn

      Tijn Porcelijn - 2005-03-21

      While googling, I found some testimonies that the Prism54 driver appears to be working with this chip...


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