#370 linksys np100 stops working during long transfers


I have an linksys network everywhere np100 version 2,
which uses the axnet_cs module (even though you have to
alter the /etc/pcmcia/config for it to load the right
module). I am using Debian sarge with kernel
2.6.8-2-686 image. During normal websurfing, email,
etc, the driver and card works fine. But, when I am
using sustained transfers, such as big downloads via
apt-get from http servers (I haven't tried ftp yet),
the download will randomly stop at some point. The
only solution I have found is simply "ifdown eth0" and
then "ifup eth0". I had the problem with the default
kernel (2.4.27-speakup) as well, but it gave errors in
syslog about "next frame inconsistency." For some
reason, this 2.6 kernel gives no errors, but has the
same problem. The card worked perfectly in windows, so
don't believe it's hardware.

"cardctl ident" gives:
Socket 0:
product info: "Network Everywhere", "Fast Ethernet
10/100 PC Card", "3.0", "AX88190"
manfid: 0x0149, 0xc1ab
function: 6 (network)

The errors from 2.4.27 in syslog were:

Jan 30 23:17:09 localhost kernel: eth0: next frame
inconsistency, 0xd9
Jan 30 23:17:09 localhost kernel: eth0: bogus packet
size: 63335, status=0xf4 nxpg=0xd9.
(repeated like a thousand times until the card stops

If I can provide you with any more info to help solve
this bug, please let me know.


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