SuSE 9.1 ???????

Jacky Jou
  • Jacky Jou

    Jacky Jou - 2004-07-28

    ???? SuSE 9.1 ???????????SuSE xcin ???? UTF-8 ??
    PC Man ??????? Big5 ??????????

    ????????????? UTF-8 ??????????? Big5 ???
    ??????????? PCMan ?????????????


    • Jacky Jou

      Jacky Jou - 2004-07-28

      sorry, I forgot I shouldn't write chinese in this forum .....

      I was saying, I found why can't input chinese in SuSE 9.1, because xcin send UTF-8 to PCMan, and PCMan explain to Big5 directly. then it become strange word.

      I try type some chinese words in editor, save as UTF-8 code, then use browser to open it, and force browser to decode as Big5, those chinese words become strange chinese word, just like what I type in PCMan.

      Is this a easy to solve problem?

    • Anonymous - 2004-07-29

      The biggest problem is that on different systems with different Chinese input, we cannot use a single solution.
      However, there seems to be no resonable proposal about the detection of encoding.  Currently we're not able to deal with this kind of problem.  Can anyone familiar with X Window help?

    • Jacky Jou

      Jacky Jou - 2004-07-29

      If detect is the problem, and u can make unique convert for UTF8, big5, gb32 separately easily. Maybe make 3 version for different ppl to download, or make a setup option let ppl decide what encode they use. will solve this problem? I guess only 3 kinds of input encode need to be done. or maybe only UTF8 & big5 version even?

    • Anonymous - 2004-07-29

      This kind of design will mess up everything.
      Because under MS Windows 98/ME, there is no dirrect unicode support.
      Conditional compilation can solve this kind of problems somtimes, but this can make things more chaotic.
      By no means will it be a somple task.

    • Jacky Jou

      Jacky Jou - 2004-07-30

      I see thanx ... I think I'll find out how to change my locale setup to solve this problem ....

    • Jacky Jou

      Jacky Jou - 2004-08-07

      found a way to use PCManX under UTF-8 environment:

      make a shell scrip like this to call PCManX:

      export LANG=zh_TW.Big5
      # make sure path is where u put PCManX in

      save it and modify file to excusable. then it works well.


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