#62 detailed view copy paste behaviour is handicapt


when detailed list is active
if one wants to paste some files into the current folder they are viewing.
one has to make sure no other folders inside this folder are selected or the files are moved into he selected folder instead . this is logical.


how ever right click behaviour always selects the file/folder under it ,there is no place to click to deselect or prevent this if there is no empty space left under the list when viewing long directories.
currently people can use ctrl+left click to deselect and use the main edit menu to paste or ctrl+right click to deselect and paste. this is good logical behaviour but feels handicapt if this is the only way of doing things.

simple solution/improvement request:

the items should get deselected in detailed view when not right clicking on the "filename". meaning if someone right clicks anywhere in any of the other collums size, date, etc selected items should get deselected and the menu for the current viewing folder should open.
simmilar behaviour can also be found in other filemangers.


  • PCMan

    PCMan - 2008-06-27

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    This is the defect of GtkTreeView. Please bug report to gtk+ developers.
    I'll try to figure out how to overcome this gtk+ bug, but it's not very easy now.

  • PCMan

    PCMan - 2008-06-27
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