#792 PCManfm appears to delete the GTK bookmarks

libfm (306)

If the GTK bookmarks file does not exist at the new location:


then GTK2 and GTK3 applications usually fall back to using the file at the old location:


You can test this by renaming your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/bookmarks file and using the "file open" dialog in any normal GTK program. Try adding a new bookmark, too - it will be added to $HOME/.gtk-bookmarks.

PCManfm does not do this. In this case it simply doesn't show any bookmarks. And then if you add a bookmark in PCManfm it creates a new file at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/bookmarks, with only the new bookmark. So it seems to the user as if PCManfm has deleted all their old bookmarks!


  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-10-19
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  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-10-19

    Thank you for the testing. Unfortunately, described behavior is just invalid use-case. In fact, you have pcmanfm opened when you rename your bookmarks file and that is the same as if you deleted your bookmarks, really. Try to restart pcmanfm (using command: killall pcmanfm) and you'll see your bookmarks from fallback. Any other GTK program behave the same AFAIK - try to rename the file without closing any other GTK program and you'll get the same behavior.



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