#18 Per-point (versus per-serie) color palette



I'm trying to make this kind of graph with pChart:
(a simple bar chart, with only one serie, but each bar having a different color in order to show a growing level of "danger")

With current version of pChart (1.27), I'm able to do almost everything... except the color change between bars...
Am I missing something ?
I've tried different tricks, like using stacked bars and 5 series ([N1,0,0,0,0], [0,N2,0,0,0], etc.) instead of a single one, but the code gets overcomplicated and the result is ugly (0 values are still displayed as a colored line under or over the "stacked" bar)...
The solution (like in Google Chart API) would be to allow a per-point color setting...
Which would mean adding a way of defining each point's color in the data structure, and optionnally telling the graph to use the per-point color instead of the per-serie color palette...

Is this feature planned in a future release, or do I have to tweak the class code myself (which I can do, but it's a pitty) ?

Thanks in advance,



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