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TinyFlux 1.0 final stable release out now!

At long last the first stable TinyFlux release, version 1.0, is now available for download. TinyFlux is part of the PCFluxboxOS series. PCFluxboxOS is a remaster project of PCLinuxOS using the Fluxbox window manager. The aim is to build on the solid foundations of PCLinuxOS to create a series of memory-light operating systems with excellent hardware detection and configuration. All PCFluxboxOS releases draw applications from the main PCLinuxOS repositories.... read more

Posted by iainrj 2007-11-02

MidiFlux 0.6.1b out now!

I am pleased to announce the first test release of MidiFlux, version 0.6.1 beta (only 368 MB). This test release is built from TinyFlux 0.6b with a few improvements to the base system hence 0.6.1! One heck of a lot has been crammed into the extra 130MB so this distro should appeal to a wide variety of users, particularly those who loved TinyFlux but wanted to do more with it.

See the website for a full applications listing, but the main apps are: (in addition to those in TinyFlux): Pidgin, Xchat, Pan, gFTP, TightVNC, Gnumeric, Aiksaurus, abiword grammar and GIMP plugin, GIMP, XSane, VLC, Exaile, Audacious plugins, Gparted, Partimage, Grsync, Gnomebaker, Midnight Commander, Ltris, XPat2…

Posted by iainrj 2007-09-27