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v4.5 Coming Soon

Announcement: Version 4.5 is coming soon. Added features: RegEdit easy access button, updated content and code internally as well as instructional PDF. Features Still Being Worked On: For users of Windows 8 and up, removal of additional steps for download and installation (certification) as this program contains no malicious code whatsoever and never will. Windows 8 and up scans this and determines (because of the use of VBScript and Command Line code) this to be a potentially harmful application. This is of course absolutely untrue. With Windows 10 coming soon, I am looking into how to get my application certified so this message does not appear and said extra steps are not necessary in order to install and use this application. Also still working on Start Menu integration as well as automatic placement of Desktop Shortcut for ease of use purposes (so you don't have to seek out the "PcClean.exe" file). Those are my main focuses currently as well as a few other hopefully new features (addition of "Chrome" to the browser menu, possible conjunction with SpyBot 1.6.2 silent edition and more). I'll keep you posted! (pun intended) - Thanks for using PcClean! ~Skiye of SkiyeLab http://www.atomicana.com/pcclean/

Posted by Skiye 2015-07-03 Labels: windows utility pcclean skiye skiyesounds SkiyeLab pc cleaner computer cleaner java swing vbscript cmd

Making PcClean More Powerful!

PcClean is currently a "handy" app for keeping your Windows computer clean of excessive junk, but I plan on making it much more than that in the (near) future. PcClean now has a GoFundMe page, located here:
In the description, I've compiled a list of changes I would like to apply to PcClean in an effort to make it the one and only application you need to not only keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently, but to also add other functionality to push PcClean into the realm of Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software solutions. I am an electronics engineer to pay the bills, but I am also a computer enthusiast and hobbyist: PcClean is my "spare time" hobby, but I am planning on focusing more of my time and attention to boost this applications' functionality beyond anything on the market currently. One app that does it all and does it well. If you cba visiting the gofundme page, here is the list I compiled of changes that are going to be rolled out in the up and coming versions of PcClean - ... read more

Posted by Skiye 2014-11-10 Labels: PcClean Windows Cleaner Windows Utility PC Cleaner Skiye

v4.4 Update

It's here! PcClean v4.4 is here. Updated the install process - users should install to their Downloads or Desktop directory for permission reasons. I did not have to tell Windows8.1 that the file was ok for installation this time since I installed to the Downloads directory - everything is working great. No more errors on the java command either (previously using javaw to hide the command prompt). I use a new executable compiler that allows for more options when creating the exe file. Still working on more features as always - still looking into adding a Chrome button to the browser window, still looking to add a reg-editor/cleaner and more. Wish I had more time to work on it! Anyway, thanks to all that use it - can always visit my site or contact me through here if desired with feedback, questions, support issues, etc. http://www.atomicana.com/pcclean/
Sincerely, ~Skiye

Posted by Skiye 2014-09-14

PcClean v4.4 Coming Soon...

Continuing progress on this application when I can, the latest version will cater to users of Windows8/8.1 - including (hopefully) RT versions of the latest Windows operating system (i.e. Windows mobile/tablet versions). Users still need to have java installed (latest version of JRE is always recommended). I am also trying to improve/update the application installation process. This is especially important when installing on Windows8/8.1. Currently, users can override the installation and tell Windows the install is safe, but this is rather inconvenient and shouldn't be necessary of course. I am trying to program my way around this (by either evoking the UAC during the install or somehow integrating with the Start Menu - or both). I am also looking at programming a Reg Editor as well as scripting to clear out more temp directories and locations in Windows that accumulate unnecessary files and are associated with Malware/Trojans/Viruses. Anyway, I'll keep this updated with progress upon the next release outlining exactly what changes and improvements were made. Thanks for using PcClean! http://www.atomicana.com/pcclean/

Posted by Skiye 2014-07-20

PcClean v4.3

Latest version again cleans up a few start-up issues (java errors) when running PcClean for the first time on your computer. Also tested on Windows 8 successfully after bypassing the SmartScreen filter warning that appears when trying to run the installation. Please note that you NEED JAVA INSTALLED to run this application. Users leaving low ratings, please leave a comment about why you rated this app 1* so I can continue to fix issues and produce an end product to please the masses. If you leave no feedback/reason for your bad rating, how am I to understand why you did so? To all current users enjoying this program - Thanks for choosing PcClean and stay tuned for more updates and upgrades!

Posted by Skiye 2013-07-27


PcClean v4.2 cleans up a classic VM error users with updated java were receiving. This error wouldn't prevent PcClean v4.0 from running, but it's a minor inconvenience having to click "Ok" each time the program starts. Installer now automatically prompts to install to the Program Files directory. A shortcut will be part of the next release (possible start menu integration as well).

Posted by Skiye 2012-02-17


Version 4.0 released! Aesthetic adjustments as well as functional adjustments and fixes were applied in this update. Defrag wouldn't run on Win7 before - this has been solved and improved by including the user interface for selecting and defragging the drive(s) of your choice. You can also set up defragmentation scheduling from this window. The pdf information document has been updated as well to include the most recent and relevant information on the project. My business has also undergone a change in name - from "North Jersey CPU Docs" to my original business name, "SkiyeLab". Later releases of version 4 will be coming soon. Have some ideas in the works that I am testing out...

Posted by Skiye 2011-10-20

v3.7 Release

Updates include a complete set of executables compiled from the batch files using the freeware Batch_to_exe_converter by faith kodak. Now includes a new License info button (gnu/gpl) and we now run under a different name. North Jersey CPU Doctors - http://skiyesounds.com/business/ (pcclean home page and installation instructions are still the same and but the name on the page will be updated shortly). Thanks and Enjoy!!!

Posted by Skiye 2010-09-13

v3.7 in the works

New Ideas for v3.7

We are thinking of including a registry cleaner or possibly fabricating our own gui regcleaner for it. This could be an extremely useful tool for folks who have had their browser hijacked or pc infected by an unwanted guest.

Still working on ideas for a selection panel for the event clear function in Vista/Win7 machines. Possibilities include a checklist, event group clear buttons, and/or a few other simple "user friendly" methods.... read more

Posted by Skiye 2010-04-18


v3.6 will be uploaded and v3.5 will be for the forum. 3.6 totals 1.4MB in size. The sourcecode is only 0.98MB. PcCleanv3.6 is the smallest most powerful Windows cleaning tool. Our objective, as always, is to make it smaller, more powerful and easier than the previous version. Check back tomorrow for the TOTALLY revised version of PcClean and check here for some info about the new release - http://skiyesounds.com/26902/46102.html... read more

Posted by Skiye 2010-03-17


PcClean just went from a small and powerful Windows cleaning tool to the smallest, <b><i>most</b></i> powerful Windows cleaning utility <i>ever</i> today. We made separate XP and Vista/Win7 "control panels" and also now include Windows UAC for Vista/Win7 users - therefore eliminating the daunting task of Admin activation and log on for Event Clearing and Defrag functions. Other new functions also now include user selection of IExplorer clearing (temp/cache/cookies/etc) and new XP Events panel. We also eliminated the HTML help file, reducing the overall size from roughly 9MB to about 500KB. Accomplishing such tasks in one small easy to use place like this has not been done in such a way until today....

Posted by Skiye 2010-03-15


Please contact me via email at skiyesounds@gmail.com for the sourcecode until I figure out how to better use the file manager here on SourceForge.



Posted by Skiye 2010-03-14

PcClean News

PcClean News can be found here -



Posted by Skiye 2010-03-14

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