How to export *bom.txt in pcb 20070208

  • G H

    G H - 2008-02-28

    I am using UBUNTU 7.10 and pcb 20070208.
    Some script I got form others require the bom file in dos 8.3 format.
    According to the manual, I should be able to

    "Choose "print layout..." from the "File" menu. In the print dialog box,
    select "Gerber/RS-274X" for the device driver. Select the "outline", "
    alignment", and "drillhelper" options. To get DOS compatible file names,
    select the "DOS (8.3) names" option, otherwise enter "preamp" for the
    filename. Press "OK"."

    But in fact, I can not find the right print layout... There is only real printer shown in the print layout dialog box, I can not select Gerber/RS-274x form there.

    Yes, there is an export layout can export the bom but it is not in dos 8.3 names. I have tried to rename it to 8.3 file name, it still not working in the script.

    Can anyone help me find the way to export a bom in dos(8.3)file names?

    Thanks a lot

    • ferch

      ferch - 2008-07-01

      I use pcb cvs, compiled on 14Apr2008.

      I just do File->Export->BOM
      The file looks:
      # $Id$
      # PcbBOM Version 1.0
      # Date: Tue 01 Jul 2008 07:32:20 GMT UTC
      # Author:
      # Title: (unknown) - PCB BOM
      # Quantity, Description, Value, RefDes
      # --------------------------------------------
      4,"1210","10uF",P1.C12 P1.C3 P1.C2 P3.C2
      17,"1206","10k",P1.R21 P2.R9 P2.R7 P1.R15 P1.R6
      3,"1812","0.5A",P2.F4 P2.F5 P2.F3

      If it is not working in your version, you should try the cvs-version,
      just for output the BOM, but still working on the 20070208.

      Keep in mind that pcb refuses projectfiles with an higher versionstring - try out the cvs with a copied pcb-project to be able to go back!

      My reason to switch to cvs was problems with polygons. I work with the cvs-version only.

      On ubuntu/debian it was quite easy to compile from cvs:
      root# apt-get build-dep pcb
      user$ cvs login (just ENTER on password)
      user$ cvs -z3 co pcb
      user$ cd pcb
      user$ ./
      user$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/geda --exec-prefix=/opt/geda --disable-doc
      user$ make
      root# make install

      And read the README.cvs for additional help

      Regards Ingo

    • ferch

      ferch - 2008-07-01


      perhaps You need just an
      $ unix2dos

      $ sudo aptitude install tofrodos
      to get this command on ubuntu.


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