Thermal Reliefs and SMD

  • Christopher M.

    Christopher M. - 2008-02-12

    Is it possible to connect a pad on a SMD to a copper pour using a thermal relief?  I have tried clicking on multiple pads using the thermal tool and had no luck.  I also changed the flag for the pad in the pcb file, and I was unsuccessful.  Thanks.

    • DJ Delorie

      DJ Delorie - 2008-02-12

      No, SMD pads do not support thermals.

    • Christopher M.

      Christopher M. - 2008-02-13

      Is there any way to connect pads to a pour?  When I have no pour, there is a rats nest for all of these pins, but when I draw the ground plane all of the pads had a "o" on top of them and the lines on the screen disappear.   The log still says I have the same number of rat lines remaining.  I am using the 20080202 version of PCB.  Thanks for your help.

      • DJ Delorie

        DJ Delorie - 2008-02-13

        The 'o' is the rats marker; it means that that pad needs to be connected to the polygon it's over.  Just use a line to connect it.


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