Minimum board dimensions

Garth Webb
  • Garth Webb

    Garth Webb - 2008-01-23

    Hi, I am trying to resize the board in one of my PCB projects to 5000mil x 360mil.  However, when I try to do this in the preferences dialog, the board does not resize to the 360mil dimension.  When I re-open the preferences dialog, the 360mil dimension has been set to 600mil automatically.  I have tried this on a new project without any components and have had the same result.

    Is there a minimum dimension limitation of 600mil?

    • Garth Webb

      Garth Webb - 2008-01-27

      I found a solution to my problem;  I manually edited my saved PCB file and changed the board dimensions myself.  When I reloaded the design it loaded successfully at the right dimensions.


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