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no layer or tool controls in lesstif

  • Paul Probert

    Paul Probert - 2007-10-29

    Hi all,
    To explore the versions, mostly looking for a display without the jumpy screens, I built lesstif versions (CVS and the last 2 snapshots), but those handy layer buttons and tool selection buttons aren't displayed. Is this normal for the lesstif version? I'm on gentoo x86, my lesstif is 0.95.0. I'm configuring with --enable-maintainer-mode --with-gui=lesstif.

    Paul Probert
    University of Wisconsin

    • DJ Delorie

      DJ Delorie - 2007-10-29

      That's intentional.  The Lesstif layout goal is "maximize screen space for your board" so those panels got moved into submenus on the menu bar, which you can tear off and place wherever you want.  CLick on the "-----" at the top of any menu/submenu to turn it into a dialog box.

      • Paul Probert

        Paul Probert - 2007-10-29

        Oh, that is very cool. Thanks much. This lesstif version is MUCH easier on the nerves.

        Paul Probert


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