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  • Dale Grover

    Dale Grover - 2004-08-26

    Is there a list of footprints that are still needed?

    And/or a way for folks to contribute (and get) new footprints?  This almost seems like a job for a wiki, since so many of the files are ASCII.  Periodically a release could gather the (useful?) footprints on the wiki to incorporate into the latest lib files, but in the meantime folks could contribute (in a structured way) footprints, and also get them.

    For some reason I was motivated to put up a demo wiki page.  It's just to illustrate the concept, not to really use.  It's at and the user name and password are both "pcb".  The structure is just off the top of my head, but some structure would be useful, I suspect.  (Perhaps some additional structure in the use of the libraries would also be useful?)  The wiki does allow including images, which would be nice to illustrate the footprints.  You can follow the main page to "CapacitorsRadial" and then to "CapCK05" as an example.

    Just a thought.

    (I use wikki tikki tavi--see for details on what a wiki is.)

    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2006-10-20

      The Wiki aproach seems to be a good one for such publically shared information. I think it would need some extensions on the current example:

      - Capability for "verified" footprints, where another user has succesfully used that footprint. Confirms that pin numbering is correct more than anything else. Perhaps the "verifyer" would need to include details of production processer used, and be a different a person to the one who enters the footprint.

      - Capability to have multiple footprint entered for the same base package. Different assembly processes require different footprints. For example, an 0603 surface mount resistor would have different footprint for hand soldering, reflow oven, wave solder from the left, or wave solder from the right.

      I think footprint managment is an important part of this project. As a design engineer I spend more time on footprints than I do on layouts, although I have a commercial library available. I would love to skip duplication of this work with other engineers, by sharing a common library which is frequently updated, with peer review.




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