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PCatalog / News: Recent posts

SVN repository open

Files have been moved from the CVS to the SVN repository. All new development work will be in SVN, so please use that for the latest code. Thanks!

Posted by Donovan Warren 2007-06-24

Files now in CVS repository

Files have been uploaded into the CVS repository. Project developers should note that they need to use the 'pcatalog' instead of 'PCatalog' module. Users who download CVS files should use the same module; PCatalog will be going away sooner rather than later.

Posted by Donovan Warren 2004-06-07

PCatalog initiated!

Welcome to PCatalog. This software is intended to be a catalog for jewelry, fine art, precious and semi-precious stones, antiques, rare items, and collector's items; all things that might be [P]recious to [Catalog] for the owner or seller of such items. Shortly I will be uploading the first brush of CVS files, primarily the SQL statements to create the databases in mySQL, the main and sidebar php files, as well as a couple of files of base functions.

Posted by Donovan Warren 2004-06-05