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PC4P 0.4.0 released

After almost a year I released a new version PC4P to accomodate for the changes in the CVS repository I've made over that time. The release features header and footer for pages, completely rewritten handling of borders in both boxes and tables - they look much better now - and a new object, pc4p_pagenumbers. Other changes include such things as bookmarks, weblinks text-rendering and much more. For a complete set of changes, please take a look at the release notes.

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2002-08-12

PC4P Website Online!

Finally I've managed to create a site for pc4p...with a little help from a friend ;-)
You can find the site under http://www.pc4p.net/

As to why there's still no new release, I had a really tight schedule last month and wasn't able to spend time for this project.
I really hope to be able to release a new version soon. As you can understand, I don't want to hurry it, unless you want serious flaws in it ;-)... read more

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2002-05-02

New release at the end of the month (?)

Hey Folks,

I just merged my dev-branch into the head again, as I just finished some serious rewrites, I had in my mind. My next task will be the finishing of these changes and some submissions I had from you people - I hope, that I can wrap this up until the end of the month...

Best wishes

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2002-02-08

Topics for the next release

Hi Folks,

as the last release was 3 months ago, I'm inclined to make a new one in the next few weeks. You can see from the feature-tracker, that there are quite a lot of topics that should be solved.
One thing that is giving me headaches is the way a table handles its lines. The way it is right now is dedidedly ugly and not very capable.My problem right now is, that I have a way in my mind, how I could solve this task, but it would break the current handling of the cells. So, the new release wouldn't be backwards-compatible with your scripts.
As this piece of software is still marked as beta, I'm willing to take the risk of multiple curses by my clients - you - for the sake of a much more capable library.
If you're interested of my idea on how to tackle the task, or if you have a perfect reason why I shouldn't do this, please feel free to send me an email or a message via Sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-12-05

PC4P 0.3.0 released

Besides from fixing a few bugs here and there, the main new feature in this release is the availability of colors! You're now able to give lines and text a different color than black ;-) Tablecells, boxes and pages can now be furnished with color-backgrounds. Additionaly I rewrote lots of code, for example the tableheader is now able to be composed of tables, boxes, etc. Have fun with it! :o)

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-09-04

PC4P 0.2.0 released

As promised, here's the new release featuring pagebreak for tables and in this context table-headers, rotation of images, a new line-object and many fixes here and there.
Thanks to all, who submitted requests and helped testing this release!

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-07-30

New features implemented / planned

Hi there,

after a longer break, I started coding again last week. Some people criticized, that huge tables are not adequately broken down to multiple pages, this is done by now.
In this context, you can also define a row as table-header, so that when a table is broken down onto the next page, the header will be copied and placed on the top of the next page - nice, eh?
Planned for the next days is, that every tablecell can have its own borderstyle...
And I'm writing a small line-object, so that noone has to fiddle around with boxes with height 1px anymore ;-)
As always, the changes will be found in the CVS, but when these points are done, I'll make a new release 0.2.0... read more

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-07-17

Nothing but problems...

Okay, one request is fulfilled, the rotation of images is now possible (so far in CVS only). Now I want to solve the next riddles: Rotation of text and linking of tablecells, but I have absolutely no clue, how to tackle these problems.
The problem with the rotation of text is, how to determine, if and when has text to be wrapped and how to calculate height and width of the textobject.
With the linking of cells, I have no idea in which manner I can implement this. I want this link-feature, but I don't know how to do it...
Quite frustrating.
If you want to help me out with this, just send me an email or post a note in the forum. In the meantime I'll implement headers and footers for the pages.

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-03-31

Project update

Ooookay, I made a release today, as some people were requesting a documentation. I did nothing spectacular yet, except to generate a few API-specs, generated with PHPDoc. I hope you'll find this enlightening :-) I also fixed some bugs I found, hope I didn't ruin someones day with them.
I also hope, that I'll find the time to continue the class soon...and add features like linking of cells and...well, I'm a bit out of ideas, so if you have any, mail them to me!!!

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-03-16

Moving to beta status

If anyone is interested to know, tables are now working properly and as this was the (hopefully) last big stepstone, I moved the project to beta status. The projects finesse is not as mature as it should be, but maybe maybe someday I'll get some feedback from people out there...

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-01-19

Project now in Alpha-Status

Today I upgraded the status, as a big part of the class is already working. This News is also a reminder, that this project is quite active and I'm hacking happily away. Since the stats are down, measuring the activity of a project got very difficult, so I'm planning to post a news once in a while...

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2001-01-03

The first import to the CVS

Okay, if anyone cares, I've commited the first files to the CVS. Working so far is the output of basic text. No fancy stuff here, BUT: Wordwrap AND pagefeed are working!!! Every function should be documented with PHPDoc, no other documentation so far... If you need help, look at print.php in the examples; don't forget to set the include paths! Enjoy...

Posted by Alexander Wirtz 2000-12-04

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