Changing Bible Study Mind Sets with pBiblx2

  • rpritts2u

    rpritts2u - 2010-06-16

    The new pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System takes personal bible study and personal/group bible evangelism in a whole new direction; a direction opposite to most current bible software offerings, that of open sharing. As such, many current bible software users would need to consider a change in typical bible study mind sets.

    pBiblx2 is a bible study server; a set of PERL CGI components that can be run from most any web server either as a stand alone web site or in addition to your present content offerings. It includes a bible integrated Wiki - P.C.A.R.R for note taking and a W3C Slidy generator for presentations. In addition, a component for RSS2 Feed generation exists.

    Current bible software projects such as the many developed around SWORD, though wonderful in their own right, force users into a "study closet" mind set where study is basically for the single user and the single user only. Their study efforts are accessible and usable only to themselves. Their study efforts are accessible only on the computer or OS that their wonderful software has been installed upon.

    pBiblx2 instead opens up the "study closet" door. All notes are accessible to whomever uses the server from anywhere on the Internet, even their cell phone. All notes are immediately integrated as searchable resource material or immediately usable as presentations and all new content is syndicated for users feed aggregation.

    Simple Wiki text syntax connects notes to multiple pBiblx2 components, bible, bible filters, bible indexes, bible study references (NAVES,TCR,TSK,TORREY,EASTON etc.), topical bible tags, external links, pictures, local or external video and audio files. Indexes and tags are flat text data structures, easily created/modified, current web content can easily be linked or adapted into pBiblx2 content.

    But, what is most exciting about the pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System concept is the evangelical possibilities it ignites. Now individuals and groups alike can have an effective organically growing Internet presence that can be shared by a great many. Local ministries, House Churches, Street or Campus teams, have a capable tool set that adapts to their particular needs, all users have then an address to point others to. Content from one server is free to be shared with other servers via RSS.

    Developed originally for the freely distributable self contained Linux OS mini distribution CD ShepherdPup Linux, pBiblx has been handed gift or tract like to thousands of citizens. With ShepherdPup you could have your pBiblx2 server up and running in the time it takes to boot a  CD; no installation, no configuration. Plus, in the time it takes to register with a free dynamic domain name service such as you could be hosting your very own worldwide bible study web site without knowing the first thing about html or http.

    While it can't be expected that every Christian will suddenly switch from their "study closet" mind set and software, it certainly can be hoped that more and more Christians will become aware of existence of  "open door" "field wise" study servers like pBiblx2.

    More information, a live demo, and pBiblx2/ShepherdPup downloads can be found at:
    Home site -
    Development site -

    May God bless!

  • rpritts2u

    rpritts2u - 2010-06-16

    The issue of study mind set has been the hardest concept to approach with users of other bible software. One grows attached/accustomed to one thing and searches out faults in anything contrary; especially when the contrary forces them to step out of the privacy of their individual comfort zones.

    One should more properly ask "Would I be willing to sacrifice some of the obvious personal advantages of the one for the obvious evangelistic advantages of the other"? What would God have for me to do?

    Of the many Christians I asked to help beta test pBiblx2 very few (read 4) actually took the time, this given a six month window of opportunity. The transition between mind sets is apparently difficult even at a purely conceptual level. This is when I realized the existence of a "study closet" that students hide within.

    The question then is "How to move ourselves beyond that point for the good of others"?


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