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pBeans 2.0.1 Released

pBeans is an Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) layer for Java that is designed to have near-zero configuration, support automatic or user-managed schema evolution, and allow for simple configuration of mappings by means of Java 5 annotations.

Version 2.0.1 fixes some concurrency bugs in the transaction and internal connection pool facilities of pBeans.

Home: http://pbeans.sourceforge.net
Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=104506

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2007-03-28

pBeans 2.0 - Not Dead and Now Even Easier

Before I announce this release, I feel I should apologize. I have practically abandoned this project for a couple years now. I see that some users have expressed that they liked the simplicity of pBeans, but were concerned that the project was "dead". Certainly, it appeared inactive and abandoned, but you never know if an open source project is actually "dead". Someone else can always take over and so forth. Either way, I now feel it was my responsibility to keep this project going given that I started it.... read more

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2007-03-26

pBeans Java Object/Relational Mapping Layer 1.3 Released

pBeans is a straightforward framework for mapping Java objects into relational database tables. pBeans does not require defining schemas in XML or writing SQL scripts.

This release of pBeans adds support for HSQLDB, contributed by berni123 at users.sourceforge.net.

For additional information on pBeans, visit http://pbeans.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2004-05-24

pBeans Java Object/Relational Mapping Layer 1.2.2 Released

pBeans is a Object/Relational (O/R) mapping layer which is very simple to get started with. Additional information can be found here:


This release fixes an issue with the delete
method, and it has additional API documentation.

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2004-04-17

pBeans Java Persistence Layer 1.2 Released

This release adds:

- Support for PostgreSQL.
- Type PersistentID for on-demand object loading.

It also fixes:

- Problem with MySQL BLOB fields.
- Problem with repopulation of modified beans.

Start here:



Posted by Jose Solorzano 2004-03-28

pBeans Java Persistence Layer 1.0 Released

I have just launched the first release of
pBeans Java Persistence Layer. This project
is meant to make it very straight forward to
map Java objects into relational database
tables. There is no need to write SQL to
create database tables or modify fields on
every upgrade. There is no need to write
XML to specify schemas or anything of the
sort. It's completely Java based. Check it
out here:

http://pbeans.sourceforge.net... read more

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2004-03-21