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PBCS 0.7.2 Released

This latest release is a Mayor bugfix release of the 0.7.1-1 release.

What has been done:
HTML 4.01 validity was improved, fixing problems with the User Picker and the User&Group manager. A Portuguese translation was added. The installer was greatly improved, so it should install better, configure better, and there should be no blank screens after you log in. PBCS should now cleanly install on Microsoft Windows using Apache and PHP5. ... read more

Posted by Roalt Zijlstra 2008-08-03

Released 0.7.1-1

An update to the 0.7.0 release is downloadable now. A lot of bugs have been fixed, especially javascript compatibility to other browsers then Mozilla Firefox.

Features of this release are:

- Added hooks to support notes from external sources. Added hooks 'day_notes_after' and 'week_notes_after'.
- Recurrence settings are remembered in the appointment form.
- Fixed Early and Late Appointments to show in the mulit-day and single-week overview
- The note form and the appointment for now have 'back' buttons
- Fixed IE javascript errors in the user picker and the user & group administration section.
- Fixed IE javascript error in the installer_pbcs.php. Now IE6 and 7 should be able to install 0.7.1!... read more

Posted by Roalt Zijlstra 2007-05-07