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PAW 0.30 released

New Features:

- System Tray Icon added
- Many bugfixes

Posted by Jochen Ruehl 2008-07-26

PAW 0.29 released

New Features:

- Custom Filters
- HTTP protocol support can be enabled/disabled

Posted by Jochen Ruehl 2008-03-17

PAW 0.28 released

New Features:

* HTTPS support
* New GUI icons
* Proxy authenication support
* Pass-through mode
* Windows Service installation
* Many bugfixes

Posted by Jochen Ruehl 2008-02-21

PAW on Tucows!

You can now find PAW 0.27 on the Tucows website! Visit our page here:

Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-29

Rough Draft - Version 1.0 Release Plan Available

A rough draft of the version release document detailing the next major release of PAW is available under the [DOCS] section and open for comments.

Additional feature requests are welcome!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-12

Project Plan Rough Draft Available!

The Project Plan for the PAW-Project has been started and an initial rough draft is available under [Docs] section. This plan is a big step for the development of the project, as it is the basis for standards and practices, as well as documenting where the project is at and where it is headed.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-04

PAW-Project CVS Repository started!

The CVS Repository for the Paw-Project has been started! All files from PAW-Release-0.27 have been added and are now available through anonymous CVS access.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-05-01

PAW 0.27 released

The following improvements were made in PAW 0.27

- Brazil 2.0 replaces Brazil 1.0 (the chunk bug still persists -> fixed)
- Added 'Clear Serverlog' to GUI and Server
- Move filters up and down within tree view
- Export of Handlers/Filters
- Editing of Handerl/Filter definition (with syntax-colouring)
- Insert new Handlers/Filters
- Response time improvements

Posted by Jochen Ruehl 2003-01-18

PAW Version 0.1 Beta-1 released

PAW Version 0.1 Beta-1 has been released.
PAW (Pro Active Webfilter) is a filtering HTTP proxy (including GUI) based on the Brazil Framework from SUN.
For more information see:

Posted by Jochen Ruehl 2001-09-13