#116 mp3 anhängen


Hallo, es wäre klasse, wenn man an die Karten mp3-Dateien bzw. deren Speicherort anhängen könnte und diese optinal abspielen lassen kann. Gruß


  • ooanalysisnut

    ooanalysisnut - 2010-09-24

    I am interested in providing an object oriented analysis draft for a generalization of this feature, which would hopefully help to implement it. I think it would be nice if a card's face could be more than just text, for example an image or a sound file etc.

    When I say "object oriented analysis draft", I mean some UML diagrams, like a use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram etc.

    So, should I go ahead and do this?

  • ooanalysisnut

    ooanalysisnut - 2010-09-29

    I only had time to make a sequence diagram today. It's for the use case "Add card". In order to avoid overcomplicating matters, in the diagram it is assumed that the front side is an audio file while the back side is an image file.

    sequence diagram: http://imgur.com/QF3sE.png
    XML source: http://textbin.com/3k381 (you can open that with a program called UMLet)

    PS: Obviously that "nobody" from yesterday was me. I forgot to log in.

  • ooanalysisnut

    ooanalysisnut - 2010-09-30

    The collaboration diagram (for the use case "Add card" again) is done. It should be equivalent to yesterday's sequence diagram.

    collaboration diagram: http://imgur.com/dtkKV.png
    XML source: http://textbin.com/v5228 (opens with UMLet)


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