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Posted by Fernando Berzal 2002-11-26


I hope you have tested the current (rudimentary) version of Numerical Cruncher and have lots of suggestions to do.

I would like to begin design work in order to create a new base upon which we can develop new algorithms and techniques, as well as bridges and adapters to existing systems such as Weka.

Regarding to the user interface, I suggest we could develop a web-based system (since it is easier to manage than a windows-based interface).... read more

Posted by Fernando Berzal 2002-11-18

Invitation to collaborate

Interested people are invited to participate in the development of a software framework which would help knowledge workers, scientists and researchers to analyze datasets using state-of-the-art data mining techniques (classification, clustering, time series analysis, association rule mining...)

Posted by Fernando Berzal 2002-11-07