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Open Source EMR v1.30

PatientOS version 1.3 has been released which includes all CCHIT testing updates and ePrescribing. PatientOS is a Healthcare Information System (EHR EMR PMS) for small hospitals and clinics. Scheduling, Orders, Meds, Pharmacy, Clinical Doc, HL7, Billing & more.

Posted by Greg Caulton 2011-08-05

Open Source EMR v0.96

PatientOS EMR v0.96 released with workflow for physician offices, ambulatory clinics and clinical documentation for small hospitals.

Professional services are available through PatientOS Inc. Please visit for pricing.

Posted by Greg Caulton 2009-09-17

Open Source EMR v0.90 Release Candidate

PatientOS v0.90 Release Candidate 1

Clinical Notes

The admission, progress, discharge and any other clinical notes are
enhanced to integrated categorization of clinical terms and templates,
user favorites or symptoms, findings, problems, procedures, and

Notes and forms have integrated medication or prescription orders.
Templates can be merged, automatically applying for diagnoses,
symptoms or reason for visit.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2009-01-18

PatientOS v0.86 Interim Release

PatientOS is an open source EMR for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Version 0.86 provides a wealth of bug fixes and enhancements to the patient chart and configuration tools.

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-12-14

PatientOS v0.85 Physician Documentation and Billing

PatientOS is an Open Source EMR and HIS for healthcare facilities, free to use under the GPL v3 license.

Version 0.85
- All new look and feel.
- Role based security.
- Multi-facility logic.
- Extensive patient chart and tool enhancements.
Physician documentation
- Progress Notes (all custom content for the facility).
- Custom note printout using iReport enterprise report write.
- Detailed allergy, symptom, diagnosis, problem lists.
- Automated templates .
- Charges seamless integration with clinical documentation.
- Fee schedules to markup charge items.
- Billing rules engine.
- Invoices, facility accounts.
Clinical Content
- Hierarchal organization of data sets.
- Manage data elements, IC9, CPT4, Snomed, Medispan drug database, OpenEHR.
- Form types - patient specific, visit specific, custom layouts, sections.
Patient Portal
- Role based content designed in PatientOS form builder.
- Patient self-registration.
- Template based custom look and feel.

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-11-28

PatientOS EMR v0.82 Acute Care Documentation

PatientOS is an open source EMR for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

PatientOS version 0.82 brings together Acute Care Documentation, a rewrite of the Scheduling UI and the introduction of user defined Order States. Clinicians can view and edit flowsheets, upload files and images, graph results and much more.

For video footage of the latest release visit

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-08-14

PatientOS v0.81 EMR Released - Patient Chart

PatientOS version 0.81 has been released with a dramatically changed look and feel for the patient chart. The new setup provides greater flexibility for administrators to configure custom views, tables, forms and more. Inking has been enhanced from a user perspective as well as the tool to build inked forms.

Video overview of chart: read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-07-13

PatientOS EHR v0.80 Clinical Documentation released

PatientOS version 0.80 adds granulinking - a scanned form can have discrete data bound to areas on the form to allow a clinician to markup a regular paper form, but behind the scenese the system captures discrete data for reporting, graphing, mining etc. Regular plain text clinical notes are available.

All clinical content assigned to 'domains'. For example height, weight can be assigned to a 'vital signs' domain, or the dates/details of immunizations assigned to an 'immunizations' domain. One or more domains can be combined and a new patient chart 'tab' created with this custom result content.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-06-16

PatientOS EMR v0.75 Reports/Graphs

PatientOS version 0.75 integrates iReport, an enterprise report writer, with the functionality to create unlimited numbers of reports - both standalone SQL based reports and reports from PatientOS generated XML leveraging system business logic.

JFreeChart has also been integrated and may be embedded into clinical forms to dynamically generate and display charts and graphs.

The system default registration forms can be overridden with custom forms created using a dynamic form generating wizard. Clinical forms have also been replaced with this new style content tool in a step towards Physician Documentation slated for version 0.80.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-05-07

PatientOS EMR v070 Charges++

PatientOS is an free Open Source (GPL v3) EMR developed for organizations to customize in physician offices and other clinical settings.

PatientOS version 0.70 adds the ability to add manual charges. Over two dozen spreadsheets to configure the system are now available A new prescription wizard introduces the first example of workflow using a plug-in. The first personalized patient list is now available.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-04-09

PatientOS EMR v0.60 Japanese Medications

Version 0.60 adds internationalization tools to quickly translate the english contents. Support was added for unicode character sets and multi-byte characters such as those found in the Japanese language can be displayed. See the new screenshots at

Medications have been added to the patient chart with a plugin demonstrating how to create a custom order entry workflow. Initial integration with a commercial drug database is demonstrated on our hosted demo however licenses are required before this functionality can be made available.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-03-14

PatientOS EMR v0.51 Clinical/Administrative Forms

PatientOS is a free EMR for physicians who can look forward to a production release on the 31-Mar-2008.

With version 0.51 this free EMR allows any number of Clinical or Administrative forms with custom content to be created. Use a spreadsheet and import function to auto generate the forms quickly and then customize from there. Auto formatted custom reports can be created using tools and simple scripts.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-02-20

PatientOS EMR v0.40 Lab Results/Portal/Email

PatientOS is a free EMR for physicians and eventually all hospital departments and clinicians.

This version adds an HL7 laboratory result inbound interface. A basic result viewer has been added to the chart. A demonstration Web-based Patient Portal was added. The patient chart includes a Flowsheet tab, which displays the discrete details submitted via the Patient Portal. Basic communication orders can be created. The patient chart includes an orders tab which can add, sign, complete, or cancel the order. An email service has been added to allow the composition of text or HTML emails. A Batch Scheduler has been implemented. ... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2008-01-28

PatientOS v0.26 Upgrade Release

PatientOS is an EMR for physicians and next year a healthcare information system for hospitals.

Version 0.26 marks the start of upgrade support for installation by providing a clean database and adding code to upgrade the database schema, data contents, server and client. Issues are now being logged in Jira (

Scheduling setup and configuration tools have been added to build Resources and Appointment Types. A new registration form was added configured to streamline data entry.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-12-17

PatientOS v0.21 Scheduling II

PatientOS v0.21 adds major functionality to the scheduling module. Appointment types can be defined in batches (e.g. 20 min appt with a 10 min appt 30 minutes later). Double booking or any number of overbooking predefined on the schedule with all appointments defined with a custom color. Appointments can be rescheduled. Multiple resources viewed by day or week. Custom work schedules, blocking out of schedules. Simple patient demographics form for adding or updating patient information.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-11-27

PatientOS v0.15 Scheduling

PatientOS is a free EMR and Clinical Information System for hospitals and healthcare practitioners. Pharmacy, the laboratory, registration and other departments will be able to automate many processes with version 1.0 (October 31st, 2008). A physician practice version will be released March 31st, 2008.

Version 0.15 adds core scheduling functionality. Search for a patient and schedule appointments on the day and week views. Multiple user or resource calendars can be viewed side by side.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-10-22

PatientOS v0.14 HL7 Interfaces

PatientOS is an open source healthcare information system and EMR for physicians, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory and ultimately all departments in a hospital, physician or practice, or any other healthcare facility. Version 0.14 of PatientOS integrates the Open Source Mirth HL7 Engine with PatientOS. Registering or updating patient information in the demo demonstrates the creation of an outbound HL7 ADT message.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-10-10

PatientOS v0.12 Formulary

PatientOS is an open source healthcare information system for physicians, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory and ultimately all departments in a hospital, physician or practice, or any other healthcare facility. Version 0.12 adds the foundation code to support the creation and maintenance of a formulary. Pharmacists can create medications, and associate rules for dose checking. Medications may be created defining dose and dispense details to build the formulary.... read more

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-09-26

PatientOS v0.11 Independence

PatientOS is a free healthcare information system for physicians, nurses, pharmacy, laboratory and other clinicians and departments.

Release v0.11 adds a full local install of client and server using an embedded database. This demonstrates database independence and the demo can be up and running in minutes.

The orders user interface has been refined and more labs and med orders completed.

New video and screenshots can be found at

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-08-13

PatientOS v0.1 proof of concept

PatientOS is a free healthcare information system for physicians, nurses, pharmacy, laboratory and other clinicians and departments.

This project has kicked off with an extensive technical architecture and proof of concept clinical applications.

Download the demonstration application and test it within minutes.

Posted by Greg Caulton 2007-07-30

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