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Version 0.9.5

The latest release 0.9.5 has no API changes compared to previous versions. Instead, it focuses on improving the documentation. As such, all identifiers in the library are documented now. Check out the online API Reference.

This version is a release candidate for the first stable release of the Path Defense Framework.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-05-26

Some Remarks About Version 0.9.4

There were no significant changes to the library itself since version 0.9.0. However, some of the example code has slightly changed, and the build scripts have been improved.

The example game is now available on NuGet, too.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-05-16

Some Notes on the Roadmap

In that last few weeks, the Path Defense Framework has grown from a basic implementation to a usable toolkit for creating defense games. In fact, most, if not all of the features I had planned to include are there now. Therefore, the next few releases will mainly see some improvements in terms of the documentation, which is currently still a bit incomplete. Once all public members have been documented, the library will reach version 1.0 and be declared stable.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-05-16

Version 0.9.0

Besides some bugfixes, this release includes some extensions to the library API that allow a greater control over the creatures in the game. Also, the example game now features a demonstration of how to create a "chain" of creatures.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-05-13

Version 0.8.0

The latest release contains only a few small changes to the public API. The number of compiler warnings has been significantly reduced.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-05-11

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