New Pastebot Snapshot

Pastebot accepts "pastes" through a web interface and announces the URLs where they can be fetched to IRC. An increasing number of technical channels use Pastebot to avoid the example spamming usually associated with questions like "Why doesn't this {code,configuration} work?!" It can also be used to share arbitrary text, and future plans include multimedia.

This release introduces several requested features and fixes, one of them for a rather nasty bug. People using the Pastebot snapshot from 2003-10-31 or any CVS release thereafter are strongly urged to upgrade as soon as possible. See the CHANGES file for more information.

Pastebot features the award-winning POE networking and multitasking framework to implement the IRC bot with a bolt-on Web interface in the same process. Please see for more information.

Posted by Rocco Caputo 2004-05-14

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