#416 Bug in Find ?

Find Focus (1)

When I launch Find (Edit menu or Ctrl+F), type a search term in the Find box and click 'Find Next' (or simply Enter), PS finds the entries with the search term - but does not highlight the entry - so I cannot determine what entry PS has found. (I have found a workaround)

e.g. With the focus on the top group in my safe, I open the Find box, type '205' and press Enter. The second group opens and 2 sub groups open (Accounting.Banks.Cap360) and the find bar at the bottom informs me '1 of 17 matches'. But I cannot tell what entry has been selected - there is no blue highlight.

Workaround: I have discovered clicking into the PS window shows the highlighted entry, I can then click the 'Find next' button and it works as expected highlighting the next found entry.

I only have this problem on this W7 machine v 3.16 forward (with 2 other machines PS works normally, WinXP & W8) - I suspect the problem is NOT PS but the graphics in this machine. I am creating this entry to see if anybody else has this problem & whether they found a solution.

Have used PS for years & years (V2.x??), love it, one of the first programs installed on any new machine. Thank you Rony for your years of excellent work.

pwsafe vers 3.34.01 build 7/28/14 17:55:58
Win 7 Pro 32 bit SP1, Dell 755 Core 2 duo E8600, 4GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD6450

PS Don't know how to use the Milestone box...


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