#330 "database couldn't be opened"


Every time I run Password Safe I get a message stating that "The database h:\xyz.fbak couldn't be opened". Even after I uninstalled the old version and installed the latest version I still get the message. I even when I went through the registry and deleted all keys with psafe references. The actual database file I am using is h:\xyz.psafex. The error dialog give me the option to search, retry, open new, or exit.

Since I keep the database in sync with a network copy, I do not want local backups. I think this started happening after I change the backup settings.

Any idea how to


  • Tom Harkaway

    Tom Harkaway - 2011-12-21

    Actual database file is h:\xyz.psafe3.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-12-21

    PasswordSafe, if not using the registry, stores the last database(s) in the pwsafe.cfg file.

    If you want to remove these, go to Manage->Options and, on the System property page, set the N in "Remember last N databases" to zero.


  • Matt

    Matt - 2012-10-04

    I believe bug report #1063 is related to this. I just submitted the report today (Oct/3/2012). From what the OP describes above, I came across same results in my findings.

    A suggested work around would be to always browse for the file, or if you're opening the file within a shortcut or through the command line, ensure you're including the absolute path to your psafe3 file. In your case, your psafe3 file exists on your H: drive and is named "xyz.psafe3", thus H:xyz.psafe3, however the program isn't taking into consideration what directory(ies) the file literally exists within. Read the report for more details.


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