#155 Tabs don't work in run command mode using IE8


In IE8 when opening IE8 with run the delays do not work anymore. When using Firefox they work properly.
Autotype: \d999\d999\d50\u\t\d50\p\t\d50\t\n
Run CMD: iexplore.exe $url $autotype
This will render the password illegal length I believe and it will not work. Tried also different time outs but the pass seems to be cut-off before finished it jumps to the next field. This only happens with IE8, with Firefox it runs fine.
When you try Browse to URL and Autotype instead of Run Command then it opens Firefox and will login.

With firefox.exe in the line it will run perfectly. Only not with IE8.

This issue is not related to my previous artifact and users can use both Firefox as well as IE8. This is only to report that tabs with delays and typing does not work in the Autotype line properly using IE8 in the Run Cmd & Autotype fields.


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