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We have Firefox as our default corporate browser because it is more secure and better manageable. We are also considering adding the Google Chrome browser but we are now faced with a unexpected side effect that we didn't expect to occur: Some websites demand IE7 or IE8 to function properly. Although we would discourage such incompatibilities there is no way out of it. Using the documentation it is unclear how to use the run command, samples are made for Putty I believe and this use may be new or not 100% documented. We do have set this that will launch IE8 but nothing else will happen:
"iexplore.exe", this will fire-up IE8 correctly.
"iexplore.exe" "\$url", this will not open the website but will cause an error.
How do we configure this so that after opening IE8 the website is opened and then the autotype is invoked?
Your support is appreciated to solve this issue.


  • I0I

    I0I - 2009-09-15

    I also loaded version 3.18 because above was tested with version 3.17 but same problem exist. On the new tab I filled in:
    Autotype: \d999\d999\d10\$url
    Run Cmd: "iexplore.exe"
    Double-Click Action: Autotype.

    I also got an issue when using this with MS partner web and the supplier of the financial software. The Autotype is not starting so I believe it may try it with the default browser and that does not work. It must do this with the application that I want to start, in this case IE8. The more I dig into this the more login's are detected that require IE8. Roughly 30% of my login's must run on IE8 and the others luckily on Firefox.

    When I know how to do this then I can finish the logins and do this more smoothly.

    PS: Copy URL is also not supported on that tab but I believe there may be a disconnect in the required functionality and what it can do today. It would enhance this utility a lot when it becomes possible.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-09-15

    There is a bug in 3.18 (now fixed but not released) that incorrectly parsed the first parameter (in this case iexplore.exe) if it was enclosed in double quotes.

    However, if you don't put this in quotes, it all works for me at 3.18 (and will again with quotes in V3.19).

    Try (without any quotes!) these two Run Command fields (in the second case, set the URL field to, say, "www.ask.com", again without quotes:

    1. iexplore.exe www.google.com
    2. iexplore.exe $url

    They should both start IE and open up either Google or Ask.

    I am not sure why you used \$url. The '\' becomes a single '\' and the $url is replaced by the value of the URL field. Why do you need an extra '\' before your URL field value?

    Hope this helps.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-09-15

    BTW - what do you mean exactly by:

    Copy URL is also not supported on that tab but I believe there may be a disconnect in the required functionality and what it can do today. It would enhance this utility a lot when it becomes possible.


  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2009-09-15


    The ability to specify an alternate browser was implemented before the Run command, and is done by:
    1. In Manage->Option-Misc, put in the full path to IE8 in the Alternate Browser filed (e.g., "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")
    2. In the relevant entry, specify that you want to use this browser by putting '[alt]' before the URL in the URL field, e.g., "[alt]http://mybakwantsie8.com/"

    Let me know if this solves your problem.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi ronsys, c-273,

    I tried this and it fires it up successfully in 3.18 without the quotes. What worked is this:
    Run Cmd: iexplore.exe $url
    (without quotes or other characters)

    Double-Click Action: Browse to URL and Autotype
    (It is mandatory to add the $url in the command because otherwise it won't function)

    The [alt] does not work if it is with or without brackets. It will show like this on the IE8 addressbar:
    Both are incorrect.

    There is only one pitfall with certain website like this one:
    In the way that it does not do the Autotype because it cannot find the fields required to perform this function, I am not sure why but some websites seem to be harder then others. I also noted that some websites are very complex liken www.4launch.nl, to login you have to past it. With the Informer website it is not so obvious why it does not function.

    Currently I am exerimenting with this part:
    iexplore.exe $url $autotype
    But it stays in the addressbar and types the username and password here. This is not what I intend to achieve but I am very close. If I would give three tabs it would work but that is not documented under the run command at this moment.

    Trying to use the Autotype field will not yield in a result where it will jump to the right field with 3 tabs. It will stay in the address bar. When you open it without Auto-type it will take 3 tabs to get to the correct field. Theoretically this should work but it doesn't:
    Still it won't find the fields to type the data into. Also without tabs it won't. It stays in the address bar.

    The code piece is like this:

            <div id="box-login">
                <div id="box-image"><img src="images/image_login.png" width="73" height="133" /></div>
                <div id="box-content"><h3>Inloggen</h3><form method="post"><input name="gebruikersnaam" type="text" class="input-login" value="Gebruikersnaam" onClick="if(this.value == 'Gebruikersnaam') { this.value = '' }" onFocus="if(this.value == 'Gebruikersnaam') { this.value = '' }" onBlur="if(this.value == '') { this.value = 'Gebruikersnaam' }"><input name="wachtwoord" type="password" class="input-login" value="Wachtwoord" onClick="if(this.value == 'Wachtwoord') { this.value = '' }" onFocus="if(this.value == 'Wachtwoord') { this.value = '' }" onBlur="if(this.value == '') { this.value = 'Wachtwoord' }"></p>
                    <input type="image" name="verzenden" id="verzenden" value="Verzenden" src="images/button_login.jpg"></form>

    This is for PHP lovers not exceptional but it cannot find the login fields. Or it may not work.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-09-15

    There is probably a bug here somewhere.

    URL processing prepends the url with 'http://' if it doesn't start with 'http://' or 'www.'. This is before it has taken off and remembered the '[alt]'.

    A solution to this is to code the URL as "http//mijninformer.nl/[alt]" (without quotes). It sees the 'http://' and so doesn't put it there again. It sees the '[alt]' and so knows to use the alternate brwoser and remove this field. All works.

    The Run Command does support AutoType and also supports tabs as they are valid AutoType fields - it is in the Help file. So you could add (without quotes) "$a(\t\t\t\u\t\p)" if you wanted. AutoType does have its problems based on the web page - so no promises!



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