PasswordSafe: 3.17 released

Password Safe is a password database utility. Users can keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers. A single Safe Combination unlocks them all.

This release has a couple of nice new features, as described below, some bug fixes, as well as support for German (full), Russian (full), Chinese (full), Polish (partial), Spanish (partial) and Swedish (partial). If you're interested in supporting your language, please let me know. Thanks to Karlo, Andrey, Freedoctor and Björn for their translation efforts! Thanks to DK for his work and patience, and thanks to the beta testers who've provided great feedback on pre-release versions.

The release may be downloaded from

SHA-1 checksums:
3c1aafdbb8f8bc4078ad670a0119b072eec6b563 pwsafe-3.17.exe
e8dc1d9ba05629a62b7e458ee442e6bd581cb274 pwsafe-3.17.msi

Posted by Rony Shapiro 2012-09-17

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