Call for testers - two pre-release versions of PasswordSafe


We've been working on a couple of versions of PasswordSafe, and as the changes "under the hood" have been substantial, I'd be happy if any users and/or developers would give these a spin before I formally release them, hopefully in acouple of weeks:

  1. Version 3.15Beta: This release has many changes to support compilation on other platforms, most notably Linux/Unix. While I've tested it quite a bit, the more people who can try it out under different version of Windows, the better the chance of catching any bugs I may have inadvertantly introduced in the process. Other than the above change, several bug have been fixed, and a couple of new features added, the most notable being support for sites that require you to type a subset of your password (e.g., the first, fourth, seventh and ninth character). See the release notes for more details.
    This version may be dowloaded from:
    (add .sig to the above to download the gpg signature files)

  2. Version 3.14.3Y: This version supports authentication via the YubiKey authentication token ( Specifically, you can use a YubiKey token to unlock a pwsafe database (you still need to input your master passphrase to open the database, but after that you can optionally use the YubiKey to unlock a minimized database instead of entering your Passphrase). Other than that, it's fully compatible with the other versions. To learn more about this feature, look up "YubiKey" in the online help.
    This version may be downloaded from:
    (add .sig to the above to download the gpg signature files)



Posted by Rony Shapiro 2012-09-17

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