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PasswordSafeSWT 0.4 - Java port of PasswordSafe released

A new version, 0.4, of the Java port of PasswordSafe is now available for download ( for Linux, Mac and Win32 platforms.

This version fixes numerous annoying bugs from 0.3, in particular:
Tree view now displays labels correctly
Prompts for save on exit (if file has been modified) - thanks to Neil Greenwood for good work here
Active view remembered on exit (tree/list)
Tray icon displays correctly on Linux
Preference settings are immediately applied on modificate (rather than waiting for restart)
Version information on startup and about dialog

On the CVS tree, the code is under pwsafe/Java/PasswordSafeSWT. Thanks to Glen ( for his work on this.

Posted by Rony Shapiro 2005-10-22

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