This is to announce the release of PasswordSafe version 3.33 for Windows, as well as a new Beta release, 0.93, for Linux. This is a maintenance release, fixing a few minor issues, as described below. Thanks to dk, sauravg and pm_kan for their help in this release, and to pm_kan, Karlo, Bjorne, Rob and mniklas for updating the Russian, German, Swedish, Dutch and Polish translations. Thanks also to all the users who have provided bug reports, suggestions, and the occasional donation...

New Features for 3.33
[728] The default delay between characters on autotype is now configurable.

Bugs fixed in 3.33
[1160] Don't create config dir if config file passed in command line.
[1155] Number of shortcuts is now correctly initialized.
[1148] No longer crashes when canceling unlock with expired password entries.
[1146] Edit button now enabled correctly in Manage->Password Policies.
[1139] Backup file numbers now rollover 999 correctly.
[1134] Filtering by type now works correctly for shortcuts & shortcut bases.
[1130] Database field isn't highlighted when it doesn't have the focus.
[1125] Increased range of unlock difficulty by a factor of four. This should give an order or magnitude or so between max and min settings.
[1067] Fail gracefully when trying to encrypt a file > 2GB.

The PasswordSafe2Go version will be updated soon and available from
(Owners of previous releases are invited to contact me for an update)

The Windows release may be downloaded from

SHA-1 checksums:
33026b4b56e9439f0bd5d47df5de8e19e5a8231c *pwsafe-3.33.exe
fc9a57c490a3d9510075ce15b69239bfac41a595 *pwsafe-3.33.msi
ddd21a0b395db96f5b976d3473938fb250c55001 *pwsafe-3.33-bin.zip
0567d074694515a89ad4eff72977462c4b87e42d *pwsafe-3.33-src.zip

Linux packages may be found under
There are currently packages for current Debian and Ubuntu distros (32 and 64 bit) as well as Fedora 32 and 64 bit RPMs.