This is to announce the release of PasswordSafe version 3.32 for Windows, as well as a new Beta release, 0.92, for Linux. This is a minor release, fixing a few minor issues, adding a few features, as described below. Thanks to Saurav, DK and Andrey for their help in this release, and to pm_kan, Karlo, Francois, and Bjorne, for updating the Russian,  German, French, and Swedish translations. 

New Features for 3.32
  • Support Yubico's YubiKey authentication token. Previously this product was supported in a separate branch.
  • [705] User can choose not to let PasswordSafe record which virtual keyboard was used.
  • [703] Changing a database opened in read-only mode to read/write will revert when the database is locked.
  • [695] Allow a keyboard shortcut to be associated with selecting an entry. Please see Help entry for more details.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.32
  • Add validation of entry field XML characters to ensure resulting file can be imported.  Note: any field containing an invalid character will not be exported and a comment added to the export file and the report.
  • [718] The Run command can now accept $e or $email and will expand this to the entry's e-mail.

Bugs fixed in 3.32
  • [1124] Copying the username of a shortcut entry now works correctly.
  • [1122] -d dialog no longer needs password verification.
  • [1121] Help now displays correctly for Import XML settings.
  • [1113] Filters now handle empty fields correctly.
  • [1108] Manage Password Policy lists and Edit Entry's Notes fonts are set to same as for main list/tree, user-configurable.
  • [1101] Autotype email and url now works with shortcut.
  • [Prevent Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter when setting the Application Hotkey in PasswordSafe options dialog closing the dialog and saving an invalid Hotkey.
  • Support wrap scrolling in the ListView using up and down arrow keys.

The PasswordSafe2Go version will be updated soon and available from
(Owners of previous releases are invited to contact me for an update)

The Windows release may be downloaded from
https://sourceforge.net/projects/passwordsafe/files/ (Newest Files):
http://sourceforge.net/projects/passwordsafe/files/passwordsafe/3.32/pwsafe-3.32.exe/download (installer)
http://sourceforge.net/projects/passwordsafe/files/passwordsafe/3.32/pwsafe-3.32-bin.zip/download (zip file with binaries, for those who don't like installers)
http://sourceforge.net/projects/passwordsafe/files/passwordsafe/3.32/pwsafe-3.32.msi/download (Microsoft installer)
http://sourceforge.net/projects/passwordsafe/files/passwordsafe/3.32/pwsafe-3.32-src.zip/download (source code)

SHA-1 checksums:
c3410ed4f6a2ee2680811bc1c62c46ff36d8ba47 *pwsafe-3.32.exe
c6260df437bcd69ebf99ae27355314950bbc97d1 *pwsafe-3.32.msi
8e0b948347d8bf8dce3d66b59ac49aa3163655ec *pwsafe-3.32-bin.zip
e94ee8dac235289b2cba28ec75faea9b5ccac22d *pwsafe-3.32-src.zip

Linux packages may be found under
There are currently deb packages for current Debian and Ubuntu distros (32 and 64 bit) as well as Fedora 32bit RPMs:
SHA-1 checksums:

a3aaba92c5fd4a90ff8ce3df737bdae08667f415 *passwordsafe-debian-0.92BETA.amd64.deb
60a79d825ee0a5df7f56d4f89e95e9f140deefba *passwordsafe-debian-0.92BETA.i686.deb
fed17b38134095e58c81e4d15cfcbac58f54c79f *passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.92BETA.amd64.deb
55cf0c3aaa5ad035754cb46f399c343acec0fef9 *passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.92BETA.i686.deb

d6048dc5f2fc626aa4a0d8d9c87d0b1b0bd69d6c *pwsafe-0.92BETA-2.i386.rpm
9e6b60cdba691db5b5a50aa71fe87d6df8657750 *pwsafe-0.92BETA-2.src.rpm

Note that this release also includes PGP/GPG signature files of the respective packages. These were signed with my new SourceForge account key, keyid 5CCF8BB3, key fingerprint = A703 C132 8EAB C7B2 0175  3BA3 9194 6451 5CCF 8BB3, available from a PGP keyserver near you (such as http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x5CCF8BB3).