Sorry to post again so soon, but an annoying bug crept in to 3.34 that we felt justified fixing immediately in a "point" release, 3.34.1:

[1205] The OK button was disabled when a database was selected on the opening window.

​Thanks to straker and lee for being the first to point this out!

The new versions may be downloaded from
The Windows release may be downloaded from (Newest Files): (installer) (zip file with binaries, for those who don't like installers) (Microsoft installer) (source code)
SHA-1 checksums:
​0548300378df1920d55b0f8ab6c32f859d4ee3b1 *pwsafe-3.34.1.exe
971b4d32376b70fb2c7c09aad60d6d0cf08f6efe *pwsafe-3.34.1.msi
37aaf766556a503d94e33f176f9878184172118e *
98d0e4553a3c2c84f2eb4aeba2c074c38e8f9bd2 *

Apologies for the inconvenience.


On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 7:24 PM, ronys <> wrote:

This is to announce the release of PasswordSafe version 3.34 for Windows, as well as a new Beta release, 0.94, for Linux. This is a maintenance release, fixing a few minor issues, as described below. Thanks to dk, sauravg and pm_kan for their help in this release, and to pm_kan and mniklas for updating the Russian and Polish translations. Thanks also to all the users who have provided bug reports, suggestions, and the occasional donation...

New Features for 3.34
[753] A Password Safe database can be opened by drag & drop to the Password Safe application window.
[749] Clicking or double-clicking on a previous password in an entry's Password History selects it.
[746] Password Policy "Special Symbol Set" simplified.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.34
[397] Clarified use of -g and PWS_PREFSDIR.

Bugs fixed in 3.34
[1200] Tweak Yubikey interface to make it easier to use when creating or opening a Password Safe database.
[1195] Edit->Find now enabled when a group is selected.
[1194] Compare, Merge, Sync: Enable action button when password's entered via virtual keyboard.
[1176] Tweak definition of what's considered a 'weak' password.
[1174] "Open as read-only" check-box now correctly reflects the file's state.
[1117] Dragging dropbar icon doesn't copy text to clipboard unless Control key's pressed when icon's clicked upon.

The PasswordSafe2Go version will be updated soon and available from
(Owners of previous releases are invited to contact me for an update)

The Windows release may be downloaded from

Linux packages may be found under
There are currently packages for current Debian and Ubuntu distros (32 and 64 bit) as well as Fedora 32 and 64 bit RPMs.

SHA-1 checksums:
b695b4e22436b7bf4e94095b77f19482c0799170 *pwsafe-3.34.exe
4e4f39f9af52eb2ab1f4c9568ee5c1edc0df35fb *pwsafe-3.34.msi
69daec66603de971a09349cb5e1a20fe356dd4ed *
e211beb3b289a840235acc5b23da89fca7b49687 *

b05ec034a12e15ecad0b51c296a482cfbb28a369 *passwordsafe-debian-0.94BETA.amd64.deb
8749f5029ca045b73c21e773824562df729a25f6 *passwordsafe-debian-0.94BETA.i686.deb
823ddc569db016f9ef154d79e448a043be12c0de *passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.94BETA.amd64.deb
426a69d5286b94f3982117a73f4bd86efc23f832 *passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.94BETA.i686.deb
45fa127b41af44ddd50c9964c4041aa17f5ce0e3 *pwsafe-0.94BETA-src.tgz

d2bf26f179fbeb655ed755447b08877df2138711 *pwsafe-0.94BETA-3.i686.rpm
9aeb471d54c45c76b5ffae60eb7fdda15c9493cc *pwsafe-0.94BETA-3.src.rpm
6009cf33029e83df6ddf49ccf5dabc1b6f02e0fc *pwsafe-0.94BETA-3.x86_64.rpm
39c477050a866f4cfac449e3e0230ae27aefe079 *pwsafe-debuginfo-0.94BETA-3.i686.rpm
87bff160f3661da3112d058cbf6b28dfa7b9ca4e *pwsafe-debuginfo-0.94BETA-3.x86_64.rpm



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