As the title indicates, PasswordSafe's code repository has been converted to (and adapted for) git.
Currently I'm leaving both repositories open, but note that I'll be releasing official builds from git from now on. As of now, all commits to the Subversion repository will be manually merged into git by me. In a few days, assuming nothing major pops up, I'll change the status of the Subversion repo to read-only, meaning that commits to the svn repo will be rejected.

Links to the git repository can be found at https://sourceforge.net/p/passwordsafe/git-code/ci/master/tree/. Note that all Subversion tags and branches have been imported to git.

I've found Git to be a *lot* friendlier with regards to merges, and overall more fun, once I've gotten over the learning curve. Let me know if you any issues/suggestions/comments with the switch.