As mentioned in the v4 draft doc, the number one feature I want to see as part of v4 and perhaps even added to v3, is an official protocol defined for remote access to Password Safe files. My goal here is to ensure that users can use any local client they want with any trusted or semi-trusted server. 
I've broken this out from the v4 discussion as I think we could create such a protocol definition that offers limited support for v3 as well as advanced v4 support. As I mentioned in my v4 comment, there are a lot of options that range from simple to complex, depending on what requirements the community wants to define. My thinking is that if we were to move forward with such a protocol design, that we could have a two level protocol. The first level being a simple WebDAV based solution where the server is acting as a dumb file transfer server with limited locking capabilities. The second level would be optional and would allow things like per-entry locking and perhaps allow the server access to the decrypted safe(s).
Is there any interest in such a system? If there is, would anyone be willing to work with me in implementing it for v3 and/or v4? I can commit to helping design and implement both levels of a moderately complex protocol on the server side; I'd mainly like help with the client side as my C++ skills are fairly weak, especially on Windows. 

- Paulson

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 2:47 PM, ronys <> wrote:

I've set up a page with thoughts on the above, and would be grateful for any comments, suggestions, etc.:

Tentative plan is to start working on this in a month or so, with a beta release towards the end of the year.



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