The README for Mac was wrong about pwsafe-i386 needing pwsafe-i386-*.xcconfig.  It uses pwsafe-{release,debug}.xcconfig from the "pwsafe" target.  I corrected that in the README.  Thanks for pointing out.

The "Generate version.h" build phase was somehow set to run only for deployments (for the i386 target only).  I removed that.  Now the i386 target should build without you having to manually mess with version.{h,in}, just like other targets.  Please give it a try.  Just to be sure, remove your Xcode/build* directories first and run the same "xcodebuild ..." command as below, in the pwsafe/Xcode directory.

Thanks for digging into it!


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 5:26 AM, Joel Martin <> wrote:
first off, the previous report was wrong about the #include "wx/version.h" and missing #include "version.h", that was an error i made while figuring out the missing version.h errors.

i don't think gets run, the target i'm using is

xcodebuild -target pwsafe-i386 -configuration Release

which according to the README should use pwsafe-i386-release.xcconfig but always wants pwsafe-release.xcconfig  so maybe i'm misreading something

I generated the config with
./generate-configs -r /Users/me/Downloads/pwsavetest/reczhk/pwsafe-0.7.0BETA/wxMac-2.8.12/static-release/wx-config > pwsafe-i386-release.xcconfig
ln -s pwsafe-i386-release.xcconfig pwsafe-release.xcconfig

log is attached, is it complete enough? 


On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 4:00 AM, Saurav Ghosh <> wrote:
version.h is generated automatically from by Misc/ as part of building any of the pwsafe* targets in Xcode.  Did that step not run at all?  Can you post the build log?

Just as a note, two of the targets (pwsafe-llvm and pwsafe64) shouldn't need the 10.4u SDK, but I haven't tried building them on a system (Xcode 4?) where that SDK is not installed already.


On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Joel Martin <> wrote:
problems i had, and solutions i found.

maybe it's just me, as i haven't used xcode much yet, but following the README.MAC instructions i had these problems, mainly that version.h couldn't be found for some files in the src/ui/wxWidgets directory
I guessed that was the real version.h and some preprocessing doesn't happen with the README steps
ln -s src/ui/wxWidgets/  version.h

src/ui/wxWidgets/safecombinationentry.cpp   needed
#include "version.h"

i added it after #include <wx/version.h>

oh, and had to install the SDK 10.4u from the Xcode3.2.6 download

seems to be working now with those minimal changes, thanks for this version.


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