On Wednesday, June 05, 2013 12:23:16 AM Saurav Ghosh wrote:

> Perhaps I misunderstood you when you asked "Does it auto-fill username and password in web forms?". PasswordSafe is not integrated directly with Firefox or any other browser. It doesn't automatically sense that it has to auto-fill web forms. When you want it to auto-fill, you have to select the corresponding entry in PasswordSafe, right-click and select "Auto Type". PasswordSafe will then simulate the keystrokes for your username/password (or however you may have set up autotype for that entry or that password db). That causes the web form to fill up without you having to enter the form entries manually. That is all that autotype does. In this respect, PasswordSafe might be different from other browser-based web-form automation solutions.


OK I guess I'm just too busy for this extra fiddling.