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Read Me

Password Safe is a password database utility. Like many other such
products, commercial and otherwise, it stores your passwords in an
encrypted file, allowing you to remember only one password (the "safe
combination"), instead of all the username/password combinations that
you use.

What makes Password Safe different? Three things:
1. Simplicity: Password Safe is designed to do one thing, and to do it
well. Start the application, enter your "combination", double-click on
the right entry - presto - the password is now on your clipboard,ready
for pasting.
2. Security: The original version was designed and written by Bruce
Schneier - 'nuff said.
3. Open Source: The source code for the project is available for
inspection. For more information, see

Password Safe currently runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and
XP, as well as Microsoft's PocketPC. Support for additional platforms
is planned for future releases. 

The latest & greatest version of Password Safe may be downloaded from

Non-English Versions:
A French version of the help file may be found in (Thanks to Laurent

A Russian version of the help file may be found in (Thanks to Maxim

A German version of the help file may be found in (Thanks to Sebastian

An Italian version of the help file may be found in (Thanks to Stefano)

Kimmo 'Yodakoski' Koskinen has translated both the help file and the
entire PasswordSafe (version 2.07) application to Finnish! These may
be downloaded from and, respectively. The source files are available

If anyone is interested in doing such work in other
languages, please let me ( know.

Nothing special. No "Setup", no dependencies, no annoying wizard, no
need to sacrifice a goat and/or reboot your computer. Just extract the
files (using WinZip, for example) to any directory, double-click on
the Pwsafe.exe icon,and that's it. "Advanced" users may want to
create a shortcut to their desktop and/or Start menu.

Password Safe is available under the restrictions set forth in the
standard "Artistic License". For more details, see the LICENSE file
that comes with the package.

Password Safe 3.06 and later makes use of the TinyXML project
(, which is available 
under the zlib license

Helping Out:
Please report bugs via the project's bug tracking form, at (you might
want to browse the list, to see if the issue hasn't been reported

Requests for features and enhancements should be submitted to the RFE
(Request For Enhancements) page, at

You can also post questions, suggestions, rants, raves, etc. to the
Help or Open Discussion forums, at

If you wish to contribute to the project by writing code and/or
documentation, please drop a note to the developer's mailing list:

New releases are announced on the passwordsafe-announce mailing list:

Last but not least: PasswordSafe is and will always remain an open
source project, free for and redistribution. However, donations to the
project will help me justify the time and effort I spend in
maintaining and improving this utility. In addtion, donations to the
project help maintain SourceForge, the hosting site. If you wish to
donate, please follow this link:

Release Notes:
For information on the latest features, bugfixes and known problems,
see the ReleaseNotes.txt file that comes with the package.

- The original version of Password Safe was written by Mark Rosen,
and was freely downloadable from Conterpane Lab's website. Thanks to
Mark for writing a great little application! Following Mark, it was
maintained by "AYB", at Counterpane. Thanks to Counterpane for
deciding to open source the project.
- Jim Russell first brought the code to SourceForge, did some major
cleaning up of the code, set up a nice project and added some minor
features in release 1.9.0
- Releases2.x have been brought to you by: Andrew Mullican,
Edward Quackenbush, Gregg Conklin, Graham Ullrich, and Rony
Shapiro. Karel (Karlo) Van der Gucht also contributed some of the
password policy code and some GUI improvements for 1.92.
- Emilijan Mirceski did the new graphics for 2.0.
- Maxim Tikhonov translated the online help to Russian.
- Thanks to the PasswordSafe developer's mailing list for help in
nailing down the new 3.x file format.
- Many, many new features in 3.0 have been implemented by DK.
- Finally, thanks to the folks at SourceForge for hosting this

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