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// Not editable by Visual C++
// Open as a TEXT file to:
//   add a new entry before using a in a resource file
//   delete an unused entry

    #error this file is not editable by Microsoft Visual C++

#include "..\resource3.h"

// String Table

// Usage

    IDS_USAGE               "Usage: PasswordSafe [-r|-v] [password database]\nor PasswordSafe [-e|-d] filename\nor PasswordSafe [-c]\nor PasswordSafe [-s]\n\n where:\n  -r = open read-only\n  -v = validate & repair\n  -e/d = encrypt/decrypt file\n  -c = start closed i.e. no open database\n  -s = start silently (minimized & closed)"

// System Menu

    IDS_ALWAYSONTOP         "Always on top"

// Double Click Action

    IDS_STATCOMPANY         "http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/"
    IDS_STATAUTOTYPE        "Double-Click on entry to Autotype"
    IDS_STATBROWSE          "Double-Click on entry to Browse to URL"
    IDS_STATCOPYPASSWORD    "Double-Click on entry to Copy Password"
    IDS_STATCOPYNOTES       "Double-Click on entry to Copy Notes"
    IDS_STATCOPYUSERNAME    "Double-Click on entry to Copy Username"
    IDS_STATVIEWEDIT        "Double-Click on entry to View/Edit it"

// Status Bar

    IDS_STAT_NUM_IN_DB      "00000 items"
    IDS_READ_ONLY           "R/O"
    IDS_MODIFIED            " "
    IDS_CONFIG_NONE         "C:None  "
    IDS_CONFIG_REGISTRY     "C:Reg   "
    IDS_CONFIG_FILE_RO      "C:F[R-O]"
    IDS_CONFIG_FILE_RW      "C:F[R/W]"

// Tooltips

    IDS_RESETPWHISTORYOFF   "Reset ALL existing entries currently saving password history to STOP.\n\nAny saved history in an entry will be retained but will not be maintained unless and until saving password history for this entry is re-activated."
    IDS_RESETPWHISTORYON    "Reset ALL existing entries not currently saving password history to START.\n\nEntries that have never previously saved password history will have their maximum number of passwords to be saved set to the above default value.\n\nIf an entry has previously saved password history, it will be changed to start saving but the maximum saved will NOT be changed to use the new default maximum."
    IDS_SETMAXPWHISTORY     "The maximium number of saved passwords in an entries currently saving password history will be changed to the new maximum as long as the number currently saved is less than this value.\n\nEntries with more than this new maximum already saved will remain unchanged."
    IDS_DELETEREGISTRY      "If you delete all reference to Password Safe in the registry on this computer for your logged on ID, then if you run any version of Password Safe before V3.03, it will take default values for Application related preferences.  These include: ""Always on Top"", ""Use New Toolbar"" & ""Use System Tray"" etc.\n\nSee Help for more details of application and database specific preferences."
    IDS_BACKUPBEFORESAVE    "If enabled, an intermediate backup will be taken before every save - either an explicit save or one caused by enabling the above preference of saving after every Add or Edit."
                            "This sub-directory (e.g. Backups) of the directory containing the current database will be created if it does not already exist.  You may specify multiple levels e.g. 'A\010'.\n\nYou must have the necessary security privileges to create this sub-directory and intermediate backup files within it or the creation of intermediate backups feature will be disabled."
                            "This will be a fixed location, either locally, on the network or a removeable device (e.g. USB stick).  This must exist and be available to you when setting this location.\n\nIt must be accessible and you must have the necessary security privileges to create files at this location or the creation of intermediate backups feature will be disabled."

// Program Strings

    IDS_LITTLEENDIAN        "little endian"
    IDS_BIGENDIAN           "big endian"
    IDS_ENDIANERROR         "Password Safe has been compiled as %s but CPU is really %s.\nYou may not be able to open files or saved files may be incompatible with other platforms."
    IDS_FILEERROR1          "Could not access file: %s"
    IDS_FILEERROR2          "%s is a directory"
    IDS_ERRORMESSAGE        "A fatal error occured: "
    IDS_FILEREADONLY        "Given path is a directory or file is read-only"
    IDS_FILEEXISTS          "The filename already exists."
    IDS_INVALIDFLAG         "Invalid oflag or shflag argument."
    IDS_NOMOREHANDLES       "No more file handles available."
    IDS_FILEPATHNOTFOUND    "File or path not found."
    IDS_TERMINATE           "\nProgram will terminate."

    IDS_BADPASSWORD         "Incorrect password"
    IDS_RECENT              "Recent"
    IDS_RECENTSAFES         "&Recent Safes"
    IDS_FILEMENU            "&File"
    IDS_EDITMENU            "&Edit"
    IDS_VIEWMENU            "&View"
    IDS_MANAGEMENU          "&Manage"
    IDS_OPTIONS             "Options"
    IDS_ENCRYPTIONFAILED    "Encryption failed"
    IDS_GROUPTITLE          "Group/Title"
    IDS_GROUP               "Group"
    IDS_TITLE               "Title"
    IDS_USERNAME            "User Name"
    IDS_PASSWORD            "Password"
    IDS_NOTES               "Notes"
    IDS_URL                 "URL"
    IDS_CREATED             "Created"
    IDS_PASSWORDMODIFIED    "Password Modified"
    IDS_LASTACCESSED        "Last Accessed"
    IDS_PASSWORDEXPIRYDATE  "Password Expiry Date"
    IDS_EXPIRYDATETIME      "Expiry Date/Time"
    IDS_LASTMODIFIED        "Last Modified"
    IDS_COPYTITLE           "Group\tTitle\tUsername\tPassword Expiry Date\r\n"
    IDS_PROCESSID           " [Process ID=%s]"
    IDS_LOCKED              "The database %s is apparently being used by:\n\n%s%s.\n\nOpen the database for read-only (Yes), read-write (No), or exit (Cancel)?\r\n\r\nNote: Choose ""No"" only if you are certain that the file is in fact not being used by anyone else,\nincluding another copy of Password Safe running on your machine."
    IDS_FILEINUSE           "File In Use"
    IDS_FILEOPEN            "File open error."
    IDS_SAFENOTEXIST        "\n\nCannot open database. It probably does not exist.\nA new database will be created."
    IDS_SAVECHANGES         "Do you wish to save the changes made to database:\r\n\r\n%s\r\n\r\nor Cancel the shutdown\\restart\\logoff?"
    IDS_NUMITEMS            "%5d items"
    IDS_NEVER               "Never"
    IDS_HIDDENNOTES         "[Notes hidden - click here to display]"
    IDS_MUSTHAVETITLE       "This entry must have a title."
    IDS_MUSTHAVEPASSWORD    "This entry must have a password."
    IDS_DOTINVALID          "A dot is invalid as the first character of the Group field."
    IDS_PASSWORDSNOTMATCH   "The entered passwords do not match.  Please re-enter them."
    IDS_ENTRYEXISTS         "An item with Group ""%s"", Title ""%s"" and User Name ""%s"" already exists."
    IDS_LESS                "<< &Less"
    IDS_MORE                "&More >>"
    IDS_ENTRIESDONOTMATCH   "The two entries do not match."
    IDS_ENTERKEYANDVERIFY   "Please enter the key and verify it."
    IDS_PASSWORDOVERRIDE    "Password Policy Override"
    IDS_RANDOMPASSWORD      "The randomly generated password is: ""%s"" \n(without the quotes). Use it (Yes), or generate another (No)?"
    IDS_LOCKSAFE            "Lock Safe"
    IDS_UNLOCKSAFE          "Unlock Safe"
    IDS_NOSAFE              "No Safe open"
    IDS_COPYURL             "\r\nURL: "
    IDS_COPYAUTOTYPE        "\r\nAutotype: "
    IDS_DATABASEREADONLY    "This database is in read-only mode. No changes to this entry will be saved."
    IDS_UNKNOWN             "Unknown            "
    IDS_VIEWENTRY           "View Entry"
    IDS_ON                  "On"
    IDS_OFF                 "Off"
    IDS_NEEDDELIMITER       "If requested, then a delimiter character must be entered!"
    IDS_INVALIDDELIMITER    "As the double quotation character is used to delimit the whole notes field, it cannot be used within it to delimit multiple lines. Please enter another character."

    IDS_EQUALS              "equals"
    IDS_DOESNOTEQUAL        "does not equal"
    IDS_BEGINSWITH          "begins with"
    IDS_DOESNOTBEGINSWITH   "does not begin with"
    IDS_ENDSWITH            "ends with"
    IDS_DOESNOTENDWITH      "does not end with"
    IDS_CONTAINS            "contains"
    IDS_DOESNOTCONTAIN      "does not contain"

    IDS_NOFIELDSFOREXPORT   "No fields selected for export!"
    IDS_NOOBJECT            "No object selected for basing your restrictions."
    IDS_NOFUNCTION          "No function selected for basing your restrictions."
    IDS_PASSWORDLISTEMPTY   "Password list is empty."
    IDS_ENTERSEARCHSTRING   "Please enter a search string"
    IDS_NOMATCHFOUND        "No matches found."
    IDS_FOUNDAMATCH         "Found 1 match."
    IDS_FOUNDMATCHES        "Found %d matches."
    IDS_CONTINUESEARCH      "Continue search from the beginning?"
    IDS_SEARCHNOTFOUND      "Search string not found"
    IDS_FINDNEXT            "Find Next"
    IDS_IMPORTED            "Imported"
    IDS_NOCURRENTSAFE       "[No current database]"
    IDS_CANNOTBEBLANK       "The combination cannot be blank."
    IDS_INCORRECTKEY        "Incorrect passkey, not a PasswordSafe database, or a corrupt database. (Backup database has same name as original, ending with '~')"
    IDS_WEAKPASSPHRASE      "Weak passphrase:\n\n %s"
    IDS_USEITANYWAY         "\nUse it anyway?"
    IDS_TRYANOTHER          "\nPlease try another"
    IDS_WRONGOLDPHRASE      "The old safe combination is not correct"
    IDS_CANTVERIFY          "Cannot verify old safe combination - file gone?"
    IDS_NEWOLDDONOTMATCH    "New safe combination and confirmation do not match"

    IDS_DCAAUTOTYPE         "Autotype"
	IDS_DCABROWSE           "Browse to URL"
	IDS_DCACOPYNOTES        "Copies notes to clipboard"
	IDS_DCACOPYPASSWORD     "Copies password to clipboard"
	IDS_DCACOPYUSERNAME     "Copies username to clipboard"
	IDS_DCAVIEWEDIT         "View/Edit selected entry"

	IDS_CONFIRMDELETEREG    "Please confirm that you wish to delete ALL information related to Password Safe for your logged on userid from the Windows registry on this computer!\n\n"
    IDS_NOHOTKEY            "Sorry - your requested HotKey is already being used.\n\nThis feature has been temporarily disabled.\n\nTo re-enable in this session, please select a different key combination."
	IDS_INVALIDTIMEOUT      "Time out period must be between 1 and 120 minutes."
	IDS_HEXMUTUALLYEXCL     "Hexadecimal is mutually exclusive to all other options!"
	IDS_HEXMUSTBEEVEN       "Passwords generated in hexadecimal format must have even lengths\nas two hexadecimal characters make up a single ASCII character."
	IDS_MUSTHAVEONEOPTION   "At least one type of character (lowercase, uppercase, digits,\nsymbols, hexadecimal) must be permitted."
	IDS_DEFAULTPWLENGTH     "Default password length must be between 1 and 1024."
	IDS_DEFAULTNUMPWH       "Default number of saved password history entries must be between 1 and 255."
	IDS_SETDATETIME         "Set Date/Time"

    IDS_TRAYAUTOTYPE        "Perform Auto&Type"
	IDS_TRAYBROWSE          "&Browse to URL"
	IDS_TRAYCOPYNOTES       "Copy &Notes to clipboard"
	IDS_TRAYCOPYPASSWORD    "&Copy Password to clipboard"
	IDS_TRAYCOPYUSERNAME    "Copy &Username to clipboard"
	IDS_TRAYVIEWEDIT        "View/Edit selected entry"
	IDS_TRAYDELETETRAYENTRY "&Delete from Recent Entry List"

	IDS_CANTPROCESSENTRY    "Cannot process as this entry has been deleted from the open database."
	IDS_SETUSERNAME         "Would you like to set ""%s"" as your default username?\n\nIt would then automatically be put in the dialog each time you add a new item."
	IDS_NEWGROUP            "New Group"
	IDS_COPYNUMBER          " Copy #"
	IDS_COULDNOTSAVE        "Couldn't save database - Please save manually"
	IDS_SAVEERROR           "Save Error"
	IDS_CANTBROWSE          "Unable to display URL"
	IDS_CANTOPENSAFE        "The database %s couldn't be opened.\nDo you wish to look for it elsewhere (Yes), create a new database (No), or exit (Cancel)?"
    IDS_FILECORRUPT         "%s\n\nFile corrupt or truncated!\nData may have been lost or modified.\nContinue anyway?"
    IDS_FILEREADERROR       "File Read Error"
    IDS_SAVEDATABASE        "Do you want to save changes to the password database: %s?"
    IDS_UNTITLED            "Password Safe - <Untitled>"
    IDS_CHOOSEDATABASE      "Please Choose a Database to Open:"
    IDS_ALREADYOPEN         "That file is already open."
    IDS_OPENDATABASE        "Open database"
    IDS_CANTOPEN            "%s \n\nCan't open file. Please choose another."
    IDS_FILEOPENERROR       "File open error"
    IDS_CANTOPENREADING     "%s\n\nCould not open file for reading!"
    IDS_UNKNOWNERROR        "%s\n\nUnknown error"
    IDS_NEWFORMAT           "The original database, ""%s"", is in pre-3.0 format. It will be unchanged.\nYour changes will be written as ""%s"" in the new format, which is unusable by old versions of PasswordSafe. To save your changes in the old format, use the ""File->Export To-> Old (1.x or 2) format"" command.\n\nPress OK to continue saving, or Cancel to stop."
    IDS_NEWFORMAT2          "The original database, ""%s"", is in pre-3.0 format. The data will now be written in the new format, which is unusable by old versions of PasswordSafe. To save the data in the old format, use the ""File->Export To-> Old (1.x or 2) format"" command.\n\nPress OK to continue saving, or Cancel to stop."
    IDS_VERSIONWARNING      "File version warning"
    IDS_CANTOPENWRITING     "%s\n\nCould not open file for writing!"
    IDS_FILEWRITEERROR      "File Write Error"
    IDS_NEWNAME1            "Please Choose a Name for the Current (Untitled) Database:"
    IDS_NEWNAME2            "Please Choose a New Name for the Current Database:"
    IDS_FILEISLOCKED        "%s\n\nFile is currently locked by %s"
    IDS_FILELOCKERROR       "File lock error"
    IDS_NAMEEXPORTFILE      "Please name the exported database"
    IDS_NAMETEXTFILE        "Please name the plaintext file"
    IDS_NAMEXMLFILE         "Please name the XML file"
    IDS_BADPASSKEY          "Passkey incorrect"
    IDS_PICKTEXTFILE        "Please Choose a Text File to Import"
    IDS_INVALIDFORMAT       "%s\n\nInvalid format"
    IDS_STATUS              "Status"
    IDS_RECORDSREAD         "Read %d record%s"
    IDS_RECORDSNOTREAD      "\nCouldn't read %d record%s"
    IDS_PICKKEEPASSFILE     "Please Choose a KeePass Text File to Import"
    IDS_MISSINGXSD          "Unable to find required XML Schema Definition file (pwsafe.xsd) in your PasswordSafe Application Directory.  Please copy it from your installation file."

    IDS_CANTVALIDATEXML     "Missing XSD File - Unable to validate XML files"
    IDS_PICKXMLFILE         "Please Choose a XML File to Import"
    IDS_FAILEDXMLVALIDATE   "%s failed validation against XML Schema Definition pwsafe.xsd"
    IDS_XMLERRORS           "%s passed Validation but had the following errors during import:"
    IDS_XMLIMPORTWITHERRORS "%s was imported (entries validated %d / imported %d) but had the following errors:"
    IDS_XMLIMPORTOK         "Validated %d record%s\r\n\r\nImported %d record%s"

    IDS_PICKMERGEFILE       "Please Choose a Database to Merge"
    IDS_MERGECONFLICTS      "Conflicting entries for %s, %s, %s\nAdding new entry as %s, %s\n"
    IDS_MERGECONFLICTS2     "Merge Conflicts"
    IDS_MERGECOMPLETED      "Merge complete:\n%d entr%s added (%d conflict%s)"
    IDS_MERGECOMPLETED2     "Merge Completed"

    IDS_NOCOMPAREFILE       "No database open with which to compare against another database!"
    IDS_PICKCOMPAREFILE     "Please Choose a Database to Compare with current open database"
    IDS_COMPARESAME         "This database is the same as the current database!"
    IDS_COMPARESTATISTICS   "Compare complete of current database:\n\t %s\n and:\n\t %s"
    IDS_IDENTICALDATABASES  "\n\nDatabases identical!"
    IDS_COMPARECOMPLETE     "Compare Complete"
    IDS_COMPAREONLY1        "\n\nNumber of entries only in the current database is %d"
    IDS_COMPAREONLY2        "\nNumber of entries only in the comparison database is %d"
    IDS_COMPAREBOTHDIFF     "\nNumber of entries in both but with differences is %d"
    IDS_COMPARECOPYRESULT   "\n\nTo copy details to the clipboard, press Yes - otherwise press No (default)."
    IDS_COMPARESTATS        "\n\tGroup:""%s""; Title:""%s""; User:""%s"""

    IDS_COMPAREENTRIES1     "Entries only in current database (%s):"
    IDS_COMPAREENTRIES2     "Entries only in comparison database (%s):"
    IDS_COMPAREBOTHDIFF2    "Entries in both %s and %s but with differences:"
    IDS_COMPARESTATS2       "\n\tIn entry - Group:""%s""; Title:""%s""; User:""%s""\n\t\tthe following fields have differences:"
    IDS_COMPPASSWORD        " 'Password'"
    IDS_COMPNOTES           " 'Notes'"
    IDS_COMPURL             " 'URL'"
    IDS_COMPAUTOTYPE        " 'Autotype'"
    IDS_COMPCTIME           " 'Creation Time'"
    IDS_COMPPMTIME          " 'Password Modification Time'"
    IDS_COMPATIME           " 'Last Access Time'"
    IDS_COMPLTIME           " 'Password Expiry Time'"
    IDS_COMPRMTIME          " 'Record Modification Time'"
    IDS_COMPPWHISTORY       " 'Password History'"

    IDS_SAVEFIRST           "Do you want to save changes to the password list?"
    IDS_PICKBACKUP          "Please Choose a Name for this Backup:"
    IDS_PICKRESTORE         "Please Choose a Backup to restore:"
    IDS_UNTITLEDRESTORE     "Password Safe - <Untitled Restored Backup>"
    IDS_VALIDATEOK          "Database validated - no problems found."
    IDS_FAILEDSAVEPREF      "Failed to save changed preferences"
    IDS_ENTRIESCHANGEDSTOP  "Number of entries that had their settings changed to not save password history was: %d"
    IDS_ENTRIESCHANGEDSAVE  "Number of entries that had their settings changed to save password history was: %d"
    IDS_ENTRIESRESETMAX     "Number of entries that had their 'maximum saved passwords' changed to the new default was %d"
    IDS_SELECTBROWSER       "Select Browser:"

	IDS_NOIBACKUP           "Unable to create intermediate backup. Feature disabled."
	IDS_NONE                "None"
	IDS_INCREMENTNUM        "Incremented Number [001-999]"
	IDS_OPTBACKUPPREF       "Please enter your backup database prefix!"
	IDS_OPTBACKUPSUBDIR     "Please specify the sub-directory to contain all backups."
	IDS_OPTBACKUPLOCATION   "Please specify the destination location to contain all backups."
	IDS_OPTBACKUPNOLOC      "Destination location does not exist or is not accessible."
	IDS_OPTBACKUPMAXNUM     "Maximum number of backups kept using incremented number suffix\nmust be between 1 and 999."
	IDS_OPTBACKUPTITLE      "Select Location for Intermediate Backups"