--- a/docs/formatV3.txt
+++ b/docs/formatV3.txt
@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@
 Autotype                    0x0e        Text          Y              [11]
 Password History            0x0f        Text          Y              [12]
 Password Policy             0x10        Text          Y              [13]
-Password Expiry Interval    0x11        2 bytes       Y              [14]
+Password Expiry Interval    0x11        4 bytes       Y              [14]
 Run Command                 0x12        Text          Y
 Double-Click Action         0x13        2 bytes       Y              [15]
 EMail address               0x14        Text          Y              [16]
@@ -433,7 +433,11 @@
 this value is used when the password is first generated and thereafter whenever
 the password is changed, until this value is unset.  Valid values are 1-3650
 corresponding to up to approximately 10 years.  A value of zero is equivalent to
-this field not being set.
+this field not being set. Note that until Nov. 2013 this was specified
+as a 16 bit field, but implemented as a 32 bit value. The
+specification was updated, rather than the implementation, in order
+not to break backwards compatibility. Value is stored in little-endian
 [15] A two byte field contain the value of the Double-Click Action and Shift
 Double-Click Action'preference value' (0xff means use the current