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[6af072] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Update numerous VS2012 project files to properly build with Yubikey, whilst correcting some errors in existing file. Fix unreferenced parameters in some wxWidgets source files. Note: All project files for VS2012 end in '11'. Note: wxWidgets builds fail under Windows.

Signed-off-by: Rony Shapiro <>

2013-08-18 22:09:10 Tree
[d7e00e] by ronys ronys

bugfix 1104 - remove uneeded deps on ia32-libs for Ubuntu and Mint 64bit

2013-08-18 18:59:50 Tree
[543aa0] by ronys ronys

Document DK's bugfix in relnotes (BR1113, not 1103)

2013-08-18 04:58:13 Tree
[4588ee] by ronys ronys

Document Yubikey merge

2013-08-18 04:50:27 Tree
[63783f] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Fix BR 1103

2013-08-17 21:38:27 Tree
[aeac1c] by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Linux version builds OK with new Yubi dependencies.

2013-08-17 20:24:24 Tree
[71f063] by ronys ronys

Start work on linux build

2013-08-17 19:53:13 Tree
[22924b] by ronys ronys

Uniform YubiKey behavior

2013-08-17 10:42:11 Tree
[3b577b] by ronys ronys

Fixed assert in CPasskeyChangeDlg::OnInitDialog()

2013-08-17 09:45:39 Tree
[52d52a] by ronys ronys

Modified YubiCfgDlg for mainstream

2013-08-17 08:41:54 Tree
[b048dc] by ronys ronys

Yubi controls hidden until user first inserts yubikey

2013-08-17 08:03:59 Tree
[031a61] by ronys ronys

Worked around m'soft's inability to render disabled bitmap buttons

2013-08-17 07:17:33 Tree
[34d10c] by ronys ronys

Removed unused external dependency

2013-08-17 05:21:48 Tree
[e8bdb9] by ronys ronys

added 4gotten file

2013-08-17 05:03:24 Tree
[f11478] by ronys ronys

updated wx pos

2013-08-17 05:01:17 Tree
[333dd9] by ronys ronys

Yubi merge into master: Windows builds OK, Linux still WiP

2013-08-17 04:44:16 Tree
[b2a79d] (pre-yubi-master-merge) by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Updates in Russian .po (MFC)
Small size change for resource string

2013-08-09 18:18:42 Tree
[8ea1ca] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Allow to apply element's hotkey changes after it was fixed by adding Ctrl/Alt and warning message was displayed once

2013-08-09 17:24:03 Tree
[63addf] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Fix check for auto addition of Alt/Ctrl/... modifiers to entry shortcut

2013-08-09 16:00:41 Tree
[5aa373] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Some updates to fix of treeview D'n'D focus issues
SelectDropTarget(NULL) should be done before any return from
CPWTreeCtrl::OnDrop(), otherwise issue remains in R/O mode and other cases.

2013-08-09 13:29:29 Tree
[601599] by ronys ronys

[1101] Autotype email and url now works with shortcut.

2013-08-07 16:59:55 Tree
[d1bf16] (list) by ronys ronys

po file updates for 3.32pre

2013-08-06 19:29:56 Tree
[79c4e9] by ronys ronys

Makefile.Windows version now matches Windows/ == 3.32pre

2013-08-06 19:10:13 Tree
[73f4af] by ronys ronys

Murphy^3 (don't amend a commit that's been pushed)

2013-07-29 17:38:22 Tree
[00efdd] by ronys ronys


2013-07-29 17:32:59 Tree
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