git-repo-deprecated Log

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[664f8b] by ronys ronys

[SR378] Update index with Browswer and URL keywords

2013-09-06 19:28:04 Tree
[db6799] by ronys ronys

Tweak help w.r.t. YubiKey

2013-09-06 19:17:26 Tree
[ef8e1d] by ronys ronys

Fix botched merge, thanks to Saurav

2013-09-06 15:58:25 Tree
[d9e843] by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Describes Dave's hack for recursively invoking PasswordSafe.

2013-09-05 05:26:12 Tree
[948c88] by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Update help for new entry shortcuts.

2013-09-04 09:22:06 Tree
[11153d] by ronys ronys

Minor edits to shortcut keys help text

2013-09-04 08:37:29 Tree
[054d9d] by ronys ronys

Update Manage menu to show YubiKey entry

2013-09-04 08:13:06 Tree
[6da65b] by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Yubi texts to po files.

2013-09-03 17:46:05 Tree
[d27955] by ronys ronys

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

2013-09-02 17:32:14 Tree
[adce53] by ronys ronys

Tweak version name for 3.32 pre release

2013-09-02 17:31:51 Tree
[225e0c] by ronys ronys

wx po files for 0.92/3.32

2013-09-02 17:28:55 Tree
[87247f] by ronys ronys

Changed typo to contraction: ManagePSWDPolices -> ManagePSWDPols

2013-08-28 18:38:29 Tree
[84b555] by ronys ronys

Refactor Fonts singleton to better match the design pattern

2013-08-28 18:29:00 Tree
[fa6ade] by ronys ronys

Refactor CRichEditExtn s.t. AddEdit's Notes member need not be a pointer

2013-08-28 18:01:11 Tree
[4e4d34] by ronys ronys

BR1108 Manage Password Policy lists and Edit Entry's Notes fonts are set to same as for main list/tree, user-configurable.

2013-08-28 17:20:19 Tree
[3a1e4f] by Rony Shapiro Rony Shapiro

Bumped Linux version -> 0.92

2013-08-26 17:15:56 Tree
[e95514] by ronys ronys

tweak ubuntu deb builds for yubi

2013-08-26 16:48:53 Tree
2013-08-26 05:04:48 Tree
[64e2aa] by ronys ronys

wx: Fixed safe combination prompt regression

2013-08-23 17:11:04 Tree
[53be80] by ronys ronys

Fixed merge artifact.

2013-08-23 16:51:28 Tree
[e71e61] by ronys ronys

Yubi controls not shown unless and until a YubiKey's inserted
during the life of the process.

2013-08-23 16:50:12 Tree
[392285] by ronys ronys

Return hashIter slider to pwsafe.pjd after merge, and tweak it a bit.

2013-08-23 10:09:18 Tree
[a1ee33] by ronys ronys

Document FR705 fix in relnotes

2013-08-22 19:01:47 Tree
[ea6594] by ronys ronys

Finished FR705, still some refactoring that can be done around PKBase.

2013-08-22 18:57:55 Tree
[76cfef] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Implement FR705 (doesn't appear to fully work yet)

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2013-08-21 17:48:01 Tree
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