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[1113e0] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Fix YKib22 builds under VS2013

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-04-15 05:22:20 Tree
[c8d76d] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Change tabs to spaces for consistency (VS2013 checks on opening and allows fixing one way or another)

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-04-15 05:21:14 Tree
[9cd598] by ronys ronys

Twaeks to Dutch translation, thanks to zzynx

2014-04-13 16:09:52 Tree
[0ce89e] by ronys ronys

Resize About dbox to avoid wrapping of longer version string

2014-04-05 18:34:56 Tree
[3ad5cd] by ronys ronys

Bump version to 3.33.1

2014-04-05 18:34:15 Tree
[195458] by ronys ronys

Fix for BR1149 from Andrey

2014-04-05 17:45:58 Tree
[dfc470] by mniklas mniklas

New translations

2014-04-04 06:44:10 Tree
[59341b] by mniklas mniklas


2014-04-04 06:35:49 Tree
[086d0e] by mniklas mniklas

Some new translations. Correction of CRLF -> LF.

2014-04-04 06:33:00 Tree
[c4cfee] by ronys ronys

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://


2014-04-02 13:15:39 Tree
[3a2870] by ronys ronys

Fixed copyright dates in wx about dialog box

2014-04-01 17:58:37 Tree
[df4d07] by ronys ronys

Update to Hungarian translations from Ervin

2014-03-31 19:20:39 Tree
[e3d8ea] by ronys ronys

Merge branch 'hungarian_dll'

2014-03-31 19:18:33 Tree
[d254fe] by ronys ronys

update to Hungarian installer texts from Ervin

2014-03-31 19:11:18 Tree
[44646a] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Use dafault positon for `main' and `password subset' windows if previous position isn't visible now (for example, disconnected 2nd monitor) [MFC]

2014-03-30 15:29:11 Tree
[bdf7f6] by ronys ronys

wx po file updates

2014-03-25 18:07:05 Tree
[f882ce] by ronys ronys

Minor adjustments to Italian 3.33 translation from Thuban

2014-03-25 05:31:34 Tree
[6364c5] by ronys ronys

Small fix to French 3.33 translation from Francois

2014-03-24 05:54:07 Tree
[d842ed] by ronys ronys

French translation for 3.33 from Francois

2014-03-21 19:05:36 Tree
[d50975] by ronys ronys

Update Windows Italian po file thanks to Thuban

2014-03-20 16:42:35 Tree
[fefa8c] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Move coretest sln files and minor update of project file to remove LINK progress messages

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-03-18 17:59:48 Tree
[b5c08e] by c-273 c-273 , pushed by ronys ronys

Move coretest to its own VS2012 solution as not needed in normal PWS builds

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-03-18 17:59:25 Tree
[3db05f] by , pushed by ronys ronys

Fix the VS2012/V2013 build configurations and tidy them up. Split the MFC & wxWidgets library projects (core, os & YkLib22).

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-03-17 17:59:03 Tree
[36e01e] by ronys ronys

Make fc87098b8a2 a bit more maintainable

2014-03-16 14:28:09 Tree
[fc8709] by Simon Gerhards Simon Gerhards , pushed by ronys ronys

Read at most 256 bit from /dev/random. Trying to read too much could slow down the startup. It is hashed to 256 bit anyway. See Bug #1169.

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2014-03-16 14:24:30 Tree
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