#78 using pwsafe via the command line

Ralf Hauser

as win32 user who has always also a few shell terminal
windows open (sometimes cmd, but mostly cygwin), to
date I used a simple script/alias ("pw") that would
just grep on a txt file to find the password (one
password per line).

This solution is unbeatable in terms of speed and
Whatever I was doing, just typing
"pw ourcefor" would spit out my password for
my sourceforge login (any other substring of the
sourceforge URL would do as well and sometimes I would
also provide aliases like 'sf.net' for a password).

The next sophistication/security level I was about to
go for was to change pw to
"gpg mypasswords.asc | grep $1", but
unless a gpg agent was used, entering the password of
mypasswords.asc's encryption key every time is a
nuisance and editing the password list becomes
comparably cumbersome too.

pwsafe could remedy that - I envision it:
1) to have the same user-interface as described above,
"pw subStringOfTitleOrUserNameOrNotes" should be how it
2) if a single password entry matches, the Title,
Username, Notes would be printed back to the shell
window and the password would end up in the clipboard
3) if called from cygwin, it should not only be in the
win32 clipboard, but also cygwin's
4) if multiple matches are available it would list the
alternatives much like some shells (e.g. tcsh) do with
autocompletion/autolist of commands or filenames, i.e.
by adding more "distinguishing" characters to the query
substring, eventually only one password entry would be left
5) if needed, the safe combination would be asked first
6) the same logic applies for pwu, then just the user
name will be put into the clipboards...

What do you think?


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