#751 Structure Editor - In a simple text-processing window

Mark G.

For many times now, I have either: misused drag/drop on the tree viewer or have not been able to properly create a new folder within ROOT. In all cases, the result is the same: I try to figure out "just what happened?"

For example, if I accidentally dragged a folder within another ROOT\folder other than the one I intended, how can I quickly find where the empty folder did go?

The feature request is the following: it would be nice to be able to make structure and entry editions within a window where I can search, edit, copy, replace text strings within all of the entries (sort of like our occasional need for text-based HTML programming).

A possible implementation could be the following - but only if performed all within RAM, and wiped memory just prior to task completion:
- Start an Export-to-CSV task (default settings, no UI)
- Write results to a newly allocated RAM block
- Open editing window as UI, simple (window would contain a menu bar, obvious SAVE/CANCEL buttons, and an edit-box. must also accept CTRL-H as shortcut for Search/Replace)
- When SAVE button is pressed or through menu selection, start an Import-from-CSV task fed from the previous results, no UI except to report on import errors
- On import errors offer choice: Abort altogether (no changes to .psafe file)/Return to edit.
- On successful imports save new version of .psafe file
- wipe appropriate RAM
- end task, wait for new UI

Hope you like the idea of batch-editing your entries, after a few years of piling up. And thanks.


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